Writing Web Contents as a Work-At-Home Business Idea to Make Money Online



BUILDING AN ONLINE WRITING CAREER. With new websites and blogs always popping up on the Net from all over the world, it would be a smart idea to start writing web contents as a work-at-home business idea to make money online. Sure, web content writing is more a job than a business. But if done with a system, it can be a potential small business for anyone with a knack for writing.

First, promote your write-ups online. Do a blog and promote them on social sites. Now, while they’re not earning you money yet, do a writing job on the side until your blog picks up momentum. There are hundreds of writing jobs available online. However, once you have lots of writing jobs to do and begin to earn good at it, don’t just rely on them. They’ll never help you launch a writing business career, though writing jobs can be a good income source.

Promoting through blogging and social networking, post well written and unique articles. Post the article URL on social networking sites. Soon, website owners looking for web content writers will spot the articles and visit your blog. Then, there’s a big chance that they’d contact you and offer web content writing contracts for their sites. That’s what happened to me. Soon, you’d have many contacts than you can handle.

For instance, three website owners contact you for web content writing contracts—3 articles a day for US$ 4.50 per article of 400 words. Doing 9 articles a day may still be tolerable, earning you US$40.50 a day or 283.50 a week. That’s 1,134 a month—a successful work-at-home business idea to make money online! But with more blog article promotions on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the contacts wouldn’t stop at only three. It won’t be hard to imagine getting 5 or even 10 contacts or clients more, each requesting 3 articles a day if the blog articles displayed on your social sites are kept high quality and unique.

If say 7 other clients contact you, each also asking for 3 articles a day, it would be time to hire other writers to do the job. This starts your big-time work-at-home business idea to make money online. Three former clients plus 7 new ones mean 10 contracts. Ten writers can be hired on contractual basis, each writing 3 articles a day and paid US$ 3.00 per article—that’s US$ 9 a day—or 63 dollars a week or 252 dollars a month.

You as blog owner now earns US$1.50 per article from the ten writers. That’s 15 dollars a day or 105 dollars a week or 420 dollars a month. It may not be as big as the US$1,134 a month when you wrote the 3 articles yourself each day, but now earn earn 420 dollars a month doing nothing except a little bit of editing! You can focus more on improving the blog and making more articles to be posted on social sites to get more clients.

Soon, the work-at-home business idea to make money online expands and takes in more writers. Eventually, with 50 writers online, you can easily make 6,750 dollars a month without paying for rent, overhead cost, office supplies, or annual license fees.


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