10260009_10201995173343799_4370707813432521777_nEXPERT BUILDER is a blog on applying the WORD of God to real life minus the religion. It’s building lives for God by helping develop Godly character for real daily life–in health and fitness, finances and livelihood, food, travels, leisure, human relations, career, family, parenting and others.

Religion tends to confine God’s Word inside church buildings and religious ministries. Expert Builder wants to change all that and present the Word in a whole new light. It is for both the spiritual and secular.

It is also a place for buying Expert Builder EBooks. Find the e-books on the right sidebar. Sale from the e-books support our bible ministry.

Having been a counselor for more than 30 years, discipling people for Christ, and having had experience in the secular world as PR supervisor, training director and sales and marketing director, plus my activities as martial arts and fitness instructor and health and wellness consultant–I have actually been building lives. Thus, an expert builder.

By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should build with care [1 Cor.3.10]. God’s plan is not confined to the church. It encompasses all of life.

I’m not a titled expert, actually, but I’m an expert in building lives and characters involved in various fields of endeavor. And I want to keep doing this on a larger scale, so I’m online–to reach folks worldwide. We (along with my blog associates) record here our experiences and insights as we mingle, work, and relate with people in the various fields of our expertise, in hopes that people who visit Expert Builder would be helped by them.

At present, I and my dear wife lead a house church at my place with some disciples. Daily, I write web contents for clients who own websites and blogs. I also teach Filipino martial arts as a physical workout, and do some network marketing with health supplements (I’m a certified health and wellness consultant).

I encourage you to drop by Expert Builder regularly for the latest updates on life and career helps.


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