When You Think You’re Safely Out of Danger

BookCoverImageHave you ever been on a road that seemed right and you pursued it for a time, only to later realize you’ve been lost? I and a cousin were once on our way up to the mountains of Baguio in his car for a summer camp when all of a sudden the road we were on looked strange. We both thought we were lost, but I told him just to continue driving because part of my mind was telling me it was the right path. I was almost tempted to tell him to go back and retrace our path from the intersection about a mile back, but it was a good thing that I didn’t–we were, after all, on the right track.

But what if we weren’t? Imagine all the fuel wastage and the time and effort. And worse, what if you get stuck in unfamiliar and dangerous territory, lost there, and you don’t know one bit about it? You keep driving, thinking you’re getting nearer your destination. Or, you realize you’re lost and take another route, only to make matters worse. You think you’re safely out of danger, but in reality you’re only going deeper into it.

Sometimes, life is like that. You take a road in life and drive on it all the way until you get old, all along sitting there driving content, confident that everything will end up well–you have a job, money in the bank, life insurance in case something happens, educational insurance for your kids, family health card, a permanent home and a beautiful house, and a new family car. You got it all made! Sometimes it’s called the broad road or highway. Then you die and end up in hell.

Well, there’s something worse–you think you’re going to heaven when you die because you made a life decision according to a bible-based salvation formula, and then later find out too late that you got the formula all mixed up. It’s the right formula all right, but you wrote the equation incorrectly, or misread something. This is also a type of the broad way to destruction. But I believe you’d probably still go straight to heaven, but the Master Formulator wouldn’t be too happy about you. The bible did say some will be called “least in the Kingdom of God” and that faith will be tested by fire–if what you built on your faith gets burned, you will suffer loss, but you yourself will be saved, said Paul to the Corinthians.


But why risk that? Why not build on the sure Foundation and build correctly on it?

The book, Leaving the Land of Slavery, helps Jesus believers make sure they’re out of danger before they help others get out of the same. Often, sin is so deceiving that church people try to rescue the perishing by getting them out of the flood and burying them in spiritual graves. For more about the book, please fill up the form below.


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