How to be Brave: Unlock the Gentle Warrior Spirit in You

55433eeb0fb3dSTOP BEING BULLIED! Get a street-smart, tough attitude that doesn’t easily get intimidated! Be really brave!

When confronting aggression, stop your tendency to be:

  • Nervous
  • Stuttering when speaking
  • Confused and panicky
  • Shocked and unable to move

Here’s what you get from this special e-book:

  • Why You Need a Warrior Spirit
  • How to Believe You can be Brave
  • How to Meditate on It10956632_800501816705649_6703461736474836254_n
  • Developing Your Stare
  • Training to be Really Tough Inside
  • How to Remain Calm
  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Angry
  • How to Prevent Fights and Stay Tough
  • Handling Conflicts without Having to Prove Yourself


When you click “Click here to buy now!” you will be directed to Paypal where you make the purchase. Then Paypal will re-direct you to the SIMA blog for a link to download your PDF copy of the e-book!


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