Exchange Gifts on FB? Why Not?

FUN BUILDER. Just a crazy idea I’ve been playing with in my mind lately–and probably it’s not too late to try it this Season of giving. Why not exchange gifts on FB? You look for an FB friend to bless and give him or her a digital gift, or an “iGift”? Anyway, it’s just once a year. If the friend gives you an iGift in return, good. If not, better! After all, the essence of giving is–well, giving without expecting something in return.

When you give and expect something in return, it’s called barter. That’s why the concept of “exchange gifts” people have today is actually gift bartering or Christmas Barter. True giving, especially if you relate it with anything of Christ, is benevolent and doesn’t require reciprocation. Unconditional. That’s what they call, “Christmas spirit,” isn’t it? So I’ll call this proposition, iGift Giving. And here’s how it goes if done on FB.

You choose a friend, one you always chat with or connect on Facebook. Then PM him or her with an iGift–an ebook is ideal. It can be uploaded to your friend’s PM wall or email. and the friend can easily download it and enjoy it pronto. Don’t just give an e-card or a graphic e-gift. Give a real gift your friend can use a lifetime. Good gifts are usable a long time and ebooks are perfect. And there are some priced as low as a dollar or less.

Hopefully this is what would happen. Your friend is surprised to get the gift and is inspired to do the same. He chooses someone and looks for a good iGift online and then sends it. And so on. Hopefully it gets viral and spreads everywhere on FB. Or, if you prefer to have it done the traditional way, and if you have a group of say 10 or 20 people, you can have an arbiter arrange who’d give a gift to whom and PM the results secretly to each of you. Then, you can give each other gifts.

You can also do a Kris Kringle or Monito-Monita with the same system. Ask an arbiter to arrange and assign names to each of you and you can all course the iGift-giving through him or her. Send gifts first to the arbiter who in turn re-sends the gifts accordingly. And who gives iGifts to the arbiter? Well, it could be all of you. The arbiter misses the suspense but gets double the fun! Perhaps all of us can be arbiters?

Here are ideal iGifts you can easily buy and send online:

  • Ebooks
  • eGames
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • Apps

However, before I close this article, I’d like to stress that gift giving is not the meaning of Christ’s birth (this is what people who celebrate Christmas often claim). If we are to put any special emphasis on the Savior’s birth, it is that God provided a sure way of salvation from sins and hell through Jesus Christ, the only Way to the Father, if we ask forgiveness and totally repent of our sins, receive Jesus Christ to rule our totally surrendered lives, and live his LIFE by God’s grace and power throughout our holy lives. That is the essence of his birth, not gift giving.

But if you want to give gifts anyway after surrendering your life to Christ, it’s okay. And you can do it online through FB. Just remember never to expect anything in return when you give.

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