Worst Adverse Effect of Headsets


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Being present in the here and now. Being aware of what’s going on around you. This has lots to do with your personality development and social life. If you want to be known as an individual easy to converse with (meaningful communication can be had with you), you always have to be in the “here and now.”

I have tried to talk to people who were right in front of me but were actually somewhere else. I talked to them and they looked at me but their facial expression was blank. “Do you understand?” I asked. Then they began to look strange, like they were hearing another voice that only they could hear.

It turned out they were thinking of something else. Their thoughts were miles away from where we were.

This inability to focus on the here and now is like a contagion that spreads among many people, especially the young, today. And some experts are beginning to blame frequent use of earphones or headsets as the culprit.

Headsets drown your ears with close-in sound (or noise) and the sound waves have no other escape route but through your ears and into your head. Your head gets everything in the end. It sets up your head—no wonder it’s called a headset.

That works pretty much like hypnotism. When something is fed your mind a long time, especially close to your ears, it gets embedded there. And the thing will keep playing over and over in your mind, even without the headset anymore, so that you become more absorbed in it than in the present—than what is right in front of you.

So you lose the ability to focus, or sometimes to make sense when you are talking with someone. This is especially so with frequent use of headsets.

Call center agents and people with similar jobs use headsets for long hours everyday. This is unavoidable, but the bad effects can be lessened if they refrain from anymore use of headsets once they’re out of their workplace.

The problem is, some of them continue to use headsets even while traveling, roaming in malls, while at home or in bed. They even bring the thing with them while exploring the wild outdoors, forfeiting themselves of the peaceful surroundings.

There are other adverse effects of headsets, like seriously damaging your eardrum, being prone to accidents when mobile and wearing them, or the accumulation of radiation emitting from the same. But other observers note that the inability to focus is more serious than those mentioned above.


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