Identifying What’s Worth Dying For


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While watching news one night, I was amazed how some people can find a comb worth dying for. They’ll fight to the death if someone grabs their combs from them. Well, yes it’s their right to lay claim on the combs they own, but die for it?

And there are countless more who die for their mobile phones, money and cars. Some would even hotly dispute about prices of commodities in a grocery store and end up in a violent fight over it, while some would firmly stand up for their right for a student discount in jeepney fares which is a difference of one or two pesos.

Others, even Church leaders, would tell lies to embassy consuls just to get a visa to the US. Is that worth dying for?

What’s really worth dying for these days?

Then I saw a graphic video of Christians being beheaded by ISIS militants somewhere in the Middle East, not one of them argued for their lives or firmly stood up for their rights or told a lie. They just marched out there to their death like meek lambs, submissively knelt down and waited for their dear lives to be cruelly ended.

Even Christ did that—never complained about being nailed to the cross, though he was innocent of any crime.

But one thing curious, though—he was so angry he violently kicked things around him when he saw how people had made the temple a den of robbers. He risked his own life defending a repentant prostitute some folks wanted stoned to death.

I see one thing clear here—things personal are not worth dying for. Even one’s life. You need to persevere ignoring them to die to self and ego. But defending others’ welfare is worth dying for.

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. [Matthew 16.25]

This principle applies to everyday life most especially—career, corporate life, private or public life, business, family, relationships, buying, selling, sports, competitions, etc. You should identify what’s really worth dying for. And a lot in life are not, especially things material and those pertaining to self-importance, self-centerdness, self gratification and self grandeur. In short, anything pertaining to self or ego.

Some would even risk their characters just to brag about themselves to people. They’d also risk relationships in favor of personality cults or fanaticism.

For instance, political elections. I see a lot of Christians campaigning seriously for their presidential candidates, even ready to argue for them and possibly mar friendly relationships because of them.  What for? Are politicians worth dying for? Or, is friendship worth dying for? Jesus never supported any politician in his day. He was exclusively for God and His plans. He found the Father and the predestined ones worth dying for.

I pray for them. I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours. [John 17.9]

People in the corporate world will fight each other fiercely to be on top or ahead of everyone else. What for? Positions, titles, honors are never worth dying for. Many would risk their health, not eating properly and sleeping well, just to earn a title or degree. Christ gave up everything and emptied himself. Even God became man.

Nothing that concerns you is worth dying for.


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