How to Sell Anything Without Selling Anything


Most people dread selling because of selling. If only selling were possible without selling, then most people would be selling–even you. Because the fact is, we all have something to sell to people if only selling were easier to do.

Selling without Meetups

What if you don’t have to talk to people face-to-face and yet make a lot of sales? Would you do it and would you have something ready to sell people? In my case, as I’m looking around right now for things in my small home office I could sell, I see a lot. There’s my old camera that still works, old mobile phone, lots of unused mugs we display on our cupboard, men’s shoulder bags I’ve been keeping for years, etc.

Look around your house, too, and you’d see lots of stuff you can sell.

Problem is, selling is hard work and it can often hurt you emotionally with all the rejection and criticism you’d suffer.

But there is a way to sell anything without selling anything and still make money. Do it online. You just have to set up a blog where you talk about the things you’re selling and then promote the articles on social media sites. This way, you can sell anything without selling anything yourself. Your blog does it all for you. You don’t have to talk to anyone face-to-face or be rejected in the process.

But How about offline?

Actually, it’s not just online you can sell anything without selling anything. You can do it offline, too. Just arouse curiosity or a sense of challenge in people. Instead of persuading people to buy, you tickle their interest–especially self-interest.

It’s something like this. For instance, I was once talking casually to a friend when gradually our conversation topic drifted to health. He couldn’t go to our class reunion that Saturday because he’s been always feeling sick lately.

I told him casually how I also had the same experience once but that it just disappeared when I started taking a supplement. “As we grow older, our bodies gradually lose its natural antioxidant supply,” I added, without any intention to introduce anything to him. Then he asked, “What’s a supplement?” So I explained it to him.

Then next, he asked, “What supplement are you talking about?”

Again, I explained. Then he asked, “How much is the supplement?” So I told him.

You wouldn’t believe what he said next: “I’d like to try it. Where can I buy?”

I didn’t sell him anything, but he bought my product!

It happened naturally, but you can always make it a bit systematic. Just remember these principles:

  1. Never meet someone for a sales or business presentation.
  2. Find a need. Then find a way to make that need find its way into your conversation smoothly and naturally. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Arouse either interest for the product, or challenge the person you’re talking with by making him see that he’s been missing out on something important. Something to the tune of: “Oh, you mean, you don’t have this yet? Man, you’ve been missing a lot! And you’re doing yourself a disservice!”
  4. Don’t be obvious. Appear nonchalant.

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