Should You Look for a Job in January?

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Image above from: StudentReps.Org.Uk

JOB HUNTING SKILLS BUILDER. January is said to be the best time to apply for a job. Companies are deciding on a new operating budget for the year and new positions are often considered for a better production output.

However, that’s what most people also think. So most unemployed folks also go out and start job hunting in January. Suddenly, you see a big influx of applicants marching off to companies with their resumes. And if you get caught in this crowd, you’d have second thoughts about January being an apt time to look for a new job.

And if you consider what CNNMoney, ExecuNet and Fortune.Com said about when to apply for a job, December is actually the best time to go job hunting, not January. The CNNMoney article citing Execu and Fortune claims some 69 percent of recruiting companies hire more in December.

Moreover, few people would venture out in December to job-hunt because it’s a month you’re supposed to enjoy the holidays. So you’d have better chances of getting hired in December. Then, if managers see you looking for a job instead of just enjoying the holidays, they’d likely appreciate your diligence and hire you.

But what should you do now that it’s already January? Are you going to wait for December 2016 till you look for a job?

It won’t hurt if you send job applications this month–and every month thereafter, until December comes. When I was in college, I got a job in May. The thing is to be persistent–don’t stop till you get a job. Keep sending job applications to every company that announces hiring. I averaged about 20 to 50 applications before I landed on a new job.

What I did was to cut job-hiring ads from classified ads, lay them all down on the table and lay my hands on them as I prayed for them. Then I sent my resumes out to them, via email or mail. Then phone calls for interviews started coming.

Keep doing that from January to December.

But Here’s a Better Idea

Instead of looking for a job, look for a business. Being an entrepreneur as early in life as possible is the best option for you. A lot of fresh graduates from college started with business (never tried employment at all) and turned out successful.


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