Perks You Miss Because You Aren’t in Sales

SALES CAREER BUILDER. Since the time I heard that money was in sales, I’ve grown fond about it. No one in my family was into it before and I never dreamed of being a salesman when I was a kid (a secret agent like double O7, yes, but sales agent?), but it was when I dropped out of college when I first began seeing the prospects of sales.

I’m not that good at sales and I seldom hit company quotas, but I’ve sold lots of stuff and made good money from them. And not just the money, you wisen up a lot with sales compared to an office job that keeps you in a room from 8 to 5. Sales makes you a lot smarter than office folks. Here are reasons why:

You get exposed to different people. You meet both big-time and ordinary folks in the flesh, unlike when you’re confined to office work facing nothing all day but your co-workers and piles of papers. The most you get of “meeting” other people is talking to them on the phone. That stunts your career growth.

Sales makes you street-smart. You get to know both the corporate and street culture, aware of what goes on in real life–out there in the streets–and able to cope well with them. too. There’s ample opportunity to mature in both personality and career. Moreover, you have time freedom to attend seminars and conferences to broaden your knowledge. Office people don’t have that time luxury.

In sales, you determine how much you make. You can’t do that with employment where you’re stuck with a fixed pay. No matter how hard you work and your accomplishments, you get the same pay. Not with sales.

If you want to try it out in sales, go with a sales company that offers hefty commissions with bonuses once you hit sales targets. Sales rewards your every hard work and achievement. And always, go with companies with a good profile and quality products. It’s good to be connected with big-time sales companies, but I won’t miss the unique opportunities for growth available in smaller ones.

Lots of people are turned off by a sales job, especially if there’s no salary offered. I prefer sales without salary. It would push me to work harder to have more money. Salary often tends to make you go easy on your sales work, though it can help you better achieve goals if you know how to use it.

And remember, doing a sales account management job is really like doing your own business. Treat it like that–your very own business. I always have that mindset when doing my insurance and investment advising work. And I’m serious with my “business.”

Finally, sales work can make you a humble person. Well, there are lots of unwise sales people who are humble only to their clients but are arrogant to others. But if I were you, I’d take advantage of the humbling effect sales can wrought on your person. Humility can take you to more places more than arrogance can–because God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Well, that doesn’t always mean you’d get more money if you’re humble. It only means you become much of a better person. That’s what matters in the end.


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