Why Money is a Builder



MONEY BUILDER. If you want to build your career, family and life in a Godly way, you need money. In fact, if you’re so spiritual and you want to obey God, you need money. That’s how God designed things to be. Money is not everything in life but it is a builder. Again, money is not everything in life but the bible says it is a shelter [Ecclesiastes 7.12]:  “Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter.”

So, like it or not, you have to be wise with money, especially in making it grow–although making a lot of money doesn’t prove anything. It doesn’t make you better than others. It doesn’t mean you’re wiser or smarter. The Master said, “Life does not consist in an abundance of possessions,” [Luke 12.15].

In the same way spiritual ministries need tithes and offerings to fully and successfully operate in this world, you need money to build your career, family and life. In fact, God said in Ecclesiastes:

Money is the answer for everything. [Ecclesiastes 10.19]

This means, as far as concerns in this world matter (feasts and merry-making with wine says the context or other worldly concerns) money is the answer. And even church ministries have worldly concerns as long as they are in this world (they have to pay bills, fees, fares, etc.). The answer for all these is money. God designed it as a builder.

So, don’t think ignoring the importance of money makes you spiritual. It only shows your ignorance. Even Jesus talked about money, how to make it grow and how to invest it.

And by the way, three things are what’s important about money:

  1. How to create or accumulate it.
  2. How to invest it.
  3. How to make it work for you.

God created things to make them work for him. Since God is in you as a believer, you should learn how to create assets and make them work for you, too, to build your career, family and life. If you know how, money is a good servant. But if you don’t know about money, it can enslave and make you it’s servant. Don’t serve money.

We will deal more about creating wealth, investing it, and making money work for you in the coming articles.


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