Investment Builds Your Overall Life

INVESTMENT BUILDER. If employment provides for daily needs and business secures your present and future needs, investment builds your family life. Going through all 3 stages completes a stable overall life.


Many people have a shortened or incomplete view of securing daily needs. They stop at employment. A long as they have stable jobs they rest assured that life will be secured. They can count on a monthly salary and retirement pay when they’re old. But often, they discover that both pays aren’t enough to sustain a comfortable living. Their monthly pays are always short of amply covering their daily needs and their retirement pays are not enough even for their maintenance medicine, let alone their daily needs.


Thus, it is better to consider having a small business to eventually rely on and gradually leave employment as a main source of livelihood. Start a small business you love doing and can manage while doing a job. Later, as your business becomes more profitable, you can slowly bid your employment goodbye. That’s how you better secure your present and future.

But you shouldn’t stop with business. You need to enjoy freedom from too much work some time in your life. How would you like enjoying time freedom with your spouse and kids  (or grand kids) while earning profits continually? You won’t need to devout too much time to your business if you have investments. Investments build your family life even up to the next generations.

The ideal scenario is to have your business support your investments and vice versa. Put more of your business profits to investments so your enlarged investments can strengthen your business.

Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight;
    you do not know what disaster may come upon the land. [Ecclesiastes 11]


Investments can be in the form of stocks or foreign exchange. But both are too risky and require much of your time for analysis and monitoring. You may employ the help of an investment agent but what makes you sure that the agent is top-caliber in his field?

Now, how about if there’s an investment that is low-risk, capital-flexible and manned by top-caliber investment experts (not just agents) who will do all the analysis and monitoring for you? How about if the investment company has a proven record worldwide since 1865 in Canada and 1895 in Manila, known for its competent and professional handling of investments and which many well-known individuals entrust their huge wealth with?

All you have to do is invest and then wait for results.


Sun Life Canada gives you this convenience and confidence with its proven track record of excellent and prompt service. With Sun Life Financial, you get:

  1. The best investment options
  2. Savings
  3. The best life insurance offers

All three in one package!

Start a lucrative investment, be insured to protect your loved ones, and enjoy savings. If you live in Metro Manila, Philippines and want to know more about Sun Life Financial, just contact me through this link. 


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