Right Usage of Your Wall on Social Sites



ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING BUILDER. It’s part of professionalism. People see right away what type of person you are (and what inner character you have) by how you use your wall on social sites–and especially how you behave on others’ walls. Unfortunately, I’ve seen countless folks who are supposed to be “professionals” behave immaturely on social sites, though perhaps with a good intention. However, whatever your intention, you should know the proper decorum when participating on online social sites.

Whatever happens, don’t be:

A Self Appointed Social Site Police

These people feel they should check what other people post on their own walls and challenge anything that runs contrary to their beliefs. They think they have the responsibility to keep everything in order–according to their perception of what “in order” is. So, if you post something on your wall and it doesn’t look right to them, they comment on it something in this manner: “You shouldn’t say this or that,” or “You shouldn’t post this or that.”

You have to remember that people have the right to post whatever they like on their walls as long as it agrees with the terms and conditions of the site. If the post simply challenges your belief or goes against your principles (but does not break any rules set by the social site), then you have no business telling people what they can or cannot post. If their posts hurt your feelings or offend you in any way, then simply ignore it. People there simply express their own opinions and it’s their right.

You may comment your disagreement, but remember to say it in a nice way–because you are on their walls. It’s NOT your wall. Let me give you an example of a professional comment:

  • WALL OWNER: I hate peanuts!
  • COMMENT: Me too, especially the greasy, oily ones–though I love greaseless roasted peanuts 😀 !

Here’s the story: The commenter happens to be in a business selling peanuts and he so adores his business and the way it has provided well for his family, enabling him to send his kids to university and graduate with honors. So, when he saw the post on his friend’s wall, he felt a pang of offense. He was hurt. How can anyone hate something that has given him a lucrative livelihood? And how can anyone hate an innocent, tiny grain? That’s stupid!

But because he was a true, broad-minded professional, he understood that his friend had the right to post anything he wanted. The commenter could have just ignored the post, but because he felt the urge to have his say–anyway, the guy is his friend online–he commented a bit and made sure it was done in good taste. He even added a smiley to show that his comment was nothing personal.

People there simply express their own opinions and it’s their right.

Here’s an immature commenter:

  • WALL OWNER: I hate Christians! They think they’re always right!
  • COMMENT: I am a Christian and I think you shouldn’t say that. I’ve been a Christian all my life and in fact I’m a pastor. When you say that, you offend not just me but a lot of churches and you show your bias against our religion!

Obviously, the commenter was hurt and he showed it online immaturely. He even marred the images of pastors. Actually, the post was an opportunity for counseling, but because he prioritized his hurt ego, he assumed a quarrelsome spirit instead. Or, if he really wanted to express his dissent, he should have just made a post on his own wall about people who hate Christians. Something like this:

WALL POST: Some people hate Christians. Well, the more we’ll love and bless you because the bible says he who blesses is greater than he who is being blessed!

That sounds more Christian and professional, doesn’t it?

The Paranoid Social Networker

This social networker thinks all the posts he sees is about him. He is suspicious about people online and what they post and comment. He believes he is that popular or important to people and that they do nothing all day but think and talk about him. I’m surprised by a lot of folks on Facebook who think my posts are about them. And I’m wondering–do these guys really think I care about what they do with their lives? I do care for people I see on FB who are in need of prayers. I pray for them quietly, and I also care for those who take the time to PM me to ask for counseling and prayer.

The bible says he who blesses is greater than he who is being blessed!

Most people are very busy with their own lives and do not have time to check on other people’s lives. When they post on their walls, it’s often for entertainment or for releasing their thoughts and be relieved of stress. Some are for advertising. If they post something that seems to hit close to home, then probably God is talking to you through that post that someone posted innocently. Consider what God is saying through others’ posts.

If by any chance the post seems really pointing at you, then just ignore it. You don’t have to get angry or react. Why?

  • If it’s true, then why get angry?
  • If it isn’t true, then why get angry?

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