Do You Still Date Your Wife?


Enjoying a hut stay on a hot afternoon.

MARRIAGE BUILDER. One time, I was talking to someone when casually I mentioned to him about how I still dated my wife. I said even after 20 years, I still dated my wife with full excitement. Then, I suddenly asked: “So, do you also go on dates with your wife?” He was speechless, and then broke down. He said he never thought about it till then. “The last time we dated was when we were still sweethearts!” he confessed.

Successful marriage is not just about not quarreling or being together till death do you part. It’s not even just about going to church together until old age. It’s about unending excitement and fun. It’s when youthful adventure never ceases. To some folks this means expensive fine dining or cruises or overseas honeymoon. I and my wife never had them yet, but we’re always as excited about being together as we were when we were sweethearts.

Just having cheap snacks at an SM grocery store together, standing up, is equal to having a romantic fine dining experience at a posh restaurant. We just eat fried veggie spring rolls, rice soup, and cold gulaman and that’s already big deal to us–something special we look forward to. We hold hands even if we’re just going down to a street-corner store to buy some stuff and we walk leisurely and talk about sweet things and small and big dreams.

When we brisk walk early mornings or late in the afternoon, it’s an exciting date for us. We survey the neighborhood even if we have done that a hundred times already and appreciate nature, a nice house, a posh car parked in the street, or a well cared for front yard garden. To others this may be nothing, but to me and my wife these are especial moments together. We live like this because we appreciate what God has given us and gives us each day.

Well, we have some little complaints and struggles in life–especially when the bills come in–but everything is somewhat remedied with prayer.

Daily, we miss each other when our jobs keep us separated for a while (she’s a teacher and I’m a blogger) but this only makes our reunion later in the afternoon sweeter. When we meet again, it’s like we missed each other for a year.

The point is, a marriage that works is one that naturally enjoys each other even in the most ordinary or banal situations. In fact, ordinary becomes extra special when true love binds you. And this is only possible if God worked out your marriage from courtship period to the present.


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