How to Know if You Have True Career Success

A person earning lots of money is always said to have a real career success. People never get tired of saying and assuming that through the centuries, even in church circles. If you have big money in the bank, a grand house (or houses), luxuries, and posh cars, you got it made. People applaud you and hold you in high esteem, celebrating you as a real success.

If we go by those standards, Christ and John the baptizer and the apostles in the bible were total failures. But, were they? Truth is, even if you compare them with the who’s who in the business world globally, nothing would beat their true career success. They were the most successful in the world–and more so now in the hereafter.

There’s no real happiness and peace in a broken family scenario.

And their success model is not just for church use. It’s worth emulating even for corporate careers–anyway, most churches today are mere business corporations–franchising corporations to be exact. This brings us to the question then–how do you know you have true career success? First. we define what a successful career is.

Career success is when your career enables you to happily and peacefully pursue and reach your full potential as a professional and a person. And to me, that necessarily includes your family relationship. There’s no real happiness and peace in a broken family scenario. A lot of “successes” that the world insists on showcasing to us today are marred and wrecked behind the scene by broken family realities.

And here’s the main decisive factor if you have a really happy and peaceful successful career–if you’re willing to suffer loss of everything just to cling to it. A really meaningful career is worth dying for. Jesus and the apostles all willing died for their calls, their careers. They were real professionals who answered their call to serve and never once placed profits over serving mankind. They did it with joy and alacrity. These are the marks of true career success.

How many times have we heard how really rich individuals with billions of assets and reserved resources in international banks lived miserably and died without having experienced real love and joy? Yet, this reality never create an impact on most people–they still measure success in terms of money and possessions–especially in most churches.

The prospect of the righteous is joy, but the hopes of the wicked come to nothing. [Proverbs 10.28]


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