Do You Really Need to be Loyal to Your Company?

In my many years in the corporate life, this question remains unanswered–do you really need to be loyal to your company? My answer has always been a resounding yes! No doubt about it, you need to be loyal not just to your employer but your immediate supervisor, too. It’s supposed to be a team. The company’s success and your boss’ success are your success. They profit, you profit.

Well, on most occasions, they profit, but you only get to keep your job. That’s often the reality. And no wonder why many employees still ask me if it’s really necessary to be loyal to the company when they are not well compensated for their jobs. Just the same, I maintain my stand–you need to be loyal to your company. The same applies to your church, especially if your church is run like a corporation.

But you always have the option to quit. If you start hating being loyal to your company, then get out of it. If you don’t feel like being loyal to your immediate supervisor, ask for a transfer. These options are legit. But as long as you are in that company or under that boss, you should remain loyal to them.

That’s why I always recommend starting your own business. That way, you cannot hate being loyal to yourself. if you start hating your company, you have no business staying there and igniting a rebellion. Instead of joining a labor union to insist on your rights and making demands (which is often tantamount to hating the company), just start your own business.

What if every individual on earth does that? Can we be all in business?

Why not, especially when automation is the trend today. If everyone is doing a business there will be no more labor disputes and problems. Even government can be run on automation and completely computerized. But if you’re not agreeable with this, don’t worry. It won’t happen. A lot of people love to be employees all their lives.

But this is the point–if you’re always questioning about loyalty to the company and to your boss, probably it’s a sign for you to be in business.


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