When Heated Arguments Explode: Why Silence is Powerful



Most people want to have the last say about things and find it hard to simply keep mum when challenged. Even in the 21st century, admitting wrong and apologizing are still the most daunting tasks to do. What more keeping silent when you have all the reasons to explain your rightness? It’s always easier to fight your way out of a tight situation than to raise the white flag and simply let God have his own way with you.

And no wonder most people cannot keep away from trouble.

But truth is, you win lots more arguments by keeping quiet most of the time. Here are some reasons why:

  • You have more relaxation. Relaxation is often the genuine sign of triumph, not so much “shouts of victory.”
  • It’s a powerful way of sealing your win. No more follow up arguments. No more chance for your opponent’s rebuttal.
  • No wasted energy for negative effort.
  • Your opponent is more irritated and can’t do anything about it.
  • You give your opponent a false sense of victory (if any) and makes him more vulnerable.
  • It’s a way of “blinding” your opponent. He doesn’t know what he’s really up against.
  • You leave your opponent feeling empty–he’s prove nothing about you or himself.
  • Silent treatment often robs opponents of sleep.
  • You are more flexible for a good start.

And many more.

Peace will never settle on you if you’re not aggressively peaceful.

Thus, I can’t understand why people have to argue each time they’re challenged when most times the situation is such that you can easily walk out of it peacefully and unharmed. Very few, so far, have truly discovered how silence is powerful–more powerful than nuclear warheads. They still seek refuge in fighting back each and every moment they’re offended or even merely criticized. Peace will never settle on you if you’re not aggressively peaceful.

Look at the foolishness of having the propensity to fight back:

  • Definitely, no peace.
  • Your world will narrow down due to loss of freedom and friends.
  • Your “friends” are there because they’re afraid of you more than genuinely like you.
  • You’re often stressed out.
  • And stressed out means down immune system and increasing ailments.
  • Pro-aging
  • Acidic life
  • You become more dependent on gathering allies around you to be happy
  • You fear being alone (that’s why you always fight for your “friends,” too)
  • You’re always close to danger
  • You’re seldom relaxed (if any)

Get a hint from Jesus Christ. When challenged, ridiculed, and charged with lies, he simply kept quiet. It was Pilate’s wife who lost sleep over Jesus and even had a nightmare–all the while that Jesus was quietly enduring persecution. And as he maintained a strange quietude, he emerged more powerful. Calm quietude is a magnet for power.

There is a time to speak and a time to be silent. But remember this one thing–silence is powerful. Speaking only reveals your secrets.


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