How Strategic Hardwork Brings in Millions and Power

LIFE STRATEGY BUILDER. It’s been a proven formula–hard strategic work brings in millions and power. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. know this too well. They know how to bring in millions using strategic workouts and taking risks. They worked their way up the ladder with international boxing as the goal. And it’s not just mere working out–it’s about strategic workouts and risks. One can’t work without the other. Then you get power.

If you want the millions, you don’t just workout daily. You know what to workout. You should know your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths as well as your own, and you build up your workouts from that strategically. You device special basic workouts to strengthen your weaknesses and device advanced workouts to develop the strengths you know could both capitalize on your opponent’s weakness and demolish his strengths. It involves systematic study. And then you actually apply what you trained in by taking risks. That’s powerful.

It’s no different with your career or business, really. It’s not just about planning. It’s primarily about preparing and training strategically, and this for years. And you take risks. You don’t stop until your career or business goes international. You don’t stop until you hit your millions. In a business career, you need to reach this level if you want to leave it as a legacy to your posterity. And anyway, hitting millions today is not anymore a luxury. It’s a necessity. Even churches aim for the millions because they want to stay in the ministry. It’s precisely why God gave us the power to create wealth [Deuteronomy 8.18]–to use it for his glory and building his Kingdom on earth.

It involves systematic study. And then you actually apply what you trained in by taking risks.

But unlike many churches today, smart businesses go for strategic hardwork and take risks to rake in millions because they know begging or solicitations won’t do. Respected millionaire and professional boxers like Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather wouldn’t go for begging or donations to reach their goals. They always do strategic hardwork. They train and take risks in their business. They harvest the millions and get power to donate to causes. Churches should learn from this.

I believe no ambition or dream is unreachable with strategic hardwork. How much more if founded on faith? I see lots of faithless people who are able to do it. They reached their goals without asking God’s help. They don’t pray or worship God and yet God still gives them the grace. How much more believers? But believers who reach their goals by begging may get the millions, BUT NOT THE POWER.


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