How to be Unique When You and the Competition Have the Same Product

UNIQUENESS BUILDER. If you get a franchise, the franchise company often has policies that prevent franchisees from competing with each other. But what if you’re selling online or doing a direct selling business? Aside from competition from a rival product brand, you also often experience rivalry from those who carry the same product brands as you’re carrying.

How do you become unique in that situation?

Definitely, it’s not by offering a lower price. It’s pointless to do that and often unethical. Pointless because it’s not worth it to service a customer at a lower profit. Your energy and efforts deserve nothing less. It’s always better to do business while enjoying the right amount of profits than, say, get only half of what you should be getting.

Instead, it’s mostly the service and relationship.

Continuous service and PR is what builds relationship which in turn generates repeat sales.

I know it’s pretty obvious, but still I see a lot of marketers doing this mistake. They woo the prospect so much till the latter buys their products. Then they stop being nice to him. One sale is all they want and then they forget about the customer and look for another. Or worse, they start being nice again when they have to sell him something again. They know the importance of PR for repeat sales but they ignore the fact. One sale makes them feel accomplished. Often, even veteran marketers do this.

However, continuous service and PR is what builds relationship which in turn generates repeat sales. These build your customer base and will keep you competitive even if you’re all dealing with the same product brand. Customer base is your list of loyal customers who always prefer you to other sellers. Building a growing customer base is what will make you unique.

Here are tips on how to keep up good service and foster good relationship with customers or prospects–and build your customer base:

  • Keep in touch with them even if you have nothing to sell to them. Be a sincere friend.
  • If you get a good sale from them or their referrals, treat them or give them small gifts.
  • Greet them on their birthday and on special occasions
  • Add them on Facebook and like their posts
  • Pay them a visit once in a while
  • Always give prompt service

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