You Probably Don’t Realize It But You May Need a New Job

CAREER BUILDER. When you can’t make ends meet with your present salary, you see plainly that you need a promotion or a new job. Usually, it’s a new job. So you look for one that offers better remuneration, if possible, which is often elusive. Once you get it (the new job, not the high pay), chances are, you have a new job but not a higher salary. Worse, the job proves to be worse. And with more work loads, the concomitant stress and the frustration, your salary is practically lowered in value.

This happens when we seek the wrong things. We seek higher salaries, not the right job. A lot of people get high salaries and positions but remain stressed out and unhappy because they’re still in the wrong jobs. This happens when they seek high salaries, not the job they love to do. Moreover, eventually it affects their work attitude, character, and later even family life.

This happens when we seek the wrong things. We seek higher salaries, not the right job.

Regardless of how much your salary is, you may not realize it but you probably need a new job–the job you really want to do and one that really fits you. Once you hit it, you’d get a total life change for the better. It may even improve your marriage and family life. And here are some tips how you get the right job for you:

  • If all your financial needs were provided for you so that you wouldn’t have to worry about making a living, what’s the one thing you would love to do?
  • That one thing you love to do and would rather do should be the nature of your present job. That’s the job you should look for.
  • If you can’t find that job, then create one for you. Do a business out of it.
  • But first, you need to look for an alternative job while you’re preparing your hobby-business.

If you’re in the right job, promotion and pay increase will likely follow. You will naturally be efficient in it and easily recognized for it. You won’t drag yourself to work (instead, you attend to it daily with excitement) and do your tasks wholeheartedly. You’d love every moment of it, regardless of how much you get.

And if the promotion or pay increase does not come, doing the job you love will further hone your skills and expertise on it, preparing you to set up your own business someday. Then finally you get the promotion and pay increase you deserve.


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