Safe Ways to Report an Office Anomaly

WORK PROPRIETY BUILDER. It’s everywhere. Any office you go to, there’s bound to be an anomaly–something that isn’t supposed to be happening because it’s against company policy. And you think you can’t just ignore it because you have the responsibility to report it. Remember, knowing an anomaly and not informing the authorities about it is playing accessory to it. You’re equally guilty of the “crime.”

Well, office anomalies are often small corrupt practices that don’t really equate to a crime that police investigators need to look into. It’s mostly small theft, dishonesty, illicit relationships in the office, unfair practices, prejudice, discrimination, and the like. But they affect the company and must be reported to the company authorities. Sometimes, they may take it seriously and conduct an investigation–even with the aid of a private eye. So, take courage to report a genuine office anomaly. I mean, make sure the anomaly is really there and you saw it for yourself. Don’t rely on hearsay, gossip, or secondhand info.

But what about office politics? Often, concern for your company’s welfare can put you in hot seat when there’s terrible office politics around. And often, you can end up being the culprit, the antagonist, or the bad guy because office politics can twist things around to make good look evil and vice versa. As a result, good employees either just keep mum about everything  or resign and look for a new job–which are both wrong decisions.

The good guys should win and the bad guys should lose. But, you may say, that only happens in the movies. Well, make your office life a movie then–with you as the lead role. Don’t they say how movies are often more real than real life itself? So here are some safe ways to report an office anomaly especially if you’re just an ordinary employee:

Love letter: Send a post letter to the higher-ups or the owner, and make it anonymous, of course. And to make it really safe, post it from a city that’s far from the city where you live. This avoids tracing the letter back to you in case a serious investigation happens. And make sure you don’t leave any finger prints on it (who knows how the whole affair can be blown out of proportion by office politics?). And don’t post it from the city where your office is–someone may accidentally spot you at the post office or mailing center and create suspicion once an investigation happens.

Love email letter: Email the letter, but make sure you use a computer located from a place far from your residence. If you do it anywhere near your place, you can be traced through the computer IP address. A little research work from a guy with imagination can easily point to you as a primary suspect through the IP address. And don’t forget to create a new email account where nothing of your personal information is indicated.

Letters may not mean anything to authorities–they may not pay any attention to them–but at least there’s some probability they’ll read them and bring the matter to their knowledge. They’ll be more alert. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

And remember, don’t trust anyone. Going straight to the company authorities is also an option, but it will expose you to the culprits and that may prove to be disadvantageous once the crooks have connections to the higher-ups. You may do this as long as you’re ready for sacking or even a day in court once the crooks file charges against you. Remember, they can twist things around and even produce “witnesses.”

But most of all, pray and wait for God’s move. He is the God of justice.


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