Do You Really Have to Get Angry and Show It?

ANGER MANAGEMENT BUILDER. Anger is always a hot issue in character building. It’s an emotion that uses up lots of energy. Laughing relieves you of stress so it uses up less energy. Not anger. Anger multiplies stress and that means harmful overuse of energy. But some people say you have to let out anger to relieve yourself of stress and not doing so can mean harm to your health. That may be so, if anger leads┬áto settlement of problems. But what if anger just leads to more anger? It may just lead to hypertension.

Which brings us to the question–do we really have to get angry and show it? Obviously yes, at certain times. Otherwise, God would never have given us this emotion. God himself gets angry and shows it, but for good reasons. One is to show clearly what’s good and what’s evil. We ought to do likewise. Wrong doing cannot be shown for what it is if we just smile at it or get patient with it all the time.

But aside from evincing good and evil, show of anger also vents out negative pressure within, or what other people call negative energy when they want to sound like psychics. But we should observe caution here–releasing anger should be done positively. It shouldn’t lead to violence. God releases anger positively (though not for venting out negative pressure), though sometimes it ends up destructively, as in the cases we find in the bible.

How do you release anger positively? Consider these good options:

  • Workouts: When you’re angry, go out and run or brisk walk. I do it often and it really works. If you’re so angry, run longer. Don’t run faster than you can, though. That may incur some risky health complications which may become lethal. Just run at your own pace or even slower, but do make it longer if you’re so angry. Or go to the gym and hit it hard. What I do is also do the heavy bag or shadow box. But make sure your medical doctor approves of it.
  • Break some dishes: I was amazed to see some businesses on this–breaking dishes by hurling them on a wall. You pay a certain fee and start smashing porcelain dishes as hard as you can against a concrete wall. Folks who’ve tried it said it works effectively against stress and letting out anger in a positive way. They really felt good after.
  • Eat. Calm yourself down with a special treat. They say there’s always a child inside of us and I believe that. And children are easily appeased with their favorite snacks like ice cream or chocolate. So, appease the kid in you and go out for a treat. But caution here: don’t get angry often or else you’d gain unwanted weight. Then you might get angrier.
  • See a movie. Go see a movie. As simple as that.
  • Spend time alone with God: This is the best remedy I’d strongly recommend. When angry, go to God. God is a good listener.

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