Expert Builder is Now Officially Mine

Notice the URL?

Notice the URL?

This calls for celebration! EXPERT BUILDER is now a paid blog! It’s mine. It’s not anymore addressed but ExpertBuilderBlog.Com! Actually, it’s my first time to own a blog. I’ve been using free blogs for years because I never realized I could afford one. I’ve been looking into hosting offers and they all cost so much. I never knew you could create a blog on WordPress and register it as your own at a minimal price.

Once, I owned a static website that had lousy features and didn’t have a blog. I couldn’t do anything more with it. So after two years I decided to get rid of it. I relied more on free blogs. I then discovered that you could do more with blogs than with websites, so I started wishing to buy one. But all blog hosting offers were costly to me. So for years, I settled for free sites.

Then one day, after freshly opening my WordPress dashboard, I noticed an italicized ad offering to register my blog at a very affordable cost to get rid of the subdomain URL. All along it’s been there and I never noticed until then. It was ridiculous so I couldn’t help laughing at myself. After recovering from the laughter, I decided to have the blog registered. I started looking for the best template that fitted the intentions of Expert Builder and immediately registered it.

So, here it is now! Praise God!

Godwilling, I’d upgrade it in time. I plan to register two more blogs (Choy’s Cut and Mined Power, both on blogspot) and then finally get a well featured blog, probably with Go Daddy or Hostgator. I’ve been contemplating about getting one that has an email list building feature linked with product offers. So I’m also considering getting a blog site from a popular online marketing platform where they give you everything you need to sell e-books through your blog. All these, Godwilling.

My dear wife pushed for getting this blog registered and celebrates with me today. She’s also so excited about it and all my plans for it. We’ve been praying for all these and hoping to see everything prospered by God. I pray that more people would be helped by Expert Builder, especially in improving their personalities and character.


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