Gardening Principle of Discipleship: Who’s Watering You Now?

DISCIPLESHIP BUILDER. Paul pictured the ministry in simple gardening terms–”I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow,” [1 Cor.3.6]. The Seed of the WORD was planted in your heart when you heard the Gospel, repented  and received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. But who’s watering it now? Or more aptly saying–since the WORD is in you 100 percent–who’s watering you now?

A long time ago, I thought “watering” was when I attended church and listened to Sunday school lessons and pulpit sermons. Later, I saw this wasn’t right. The context of 1 Corinthians 3 is on foundation laying. To lay a solid foundation correctly, God’s way is to have an “expert builder” lay it in your heart (or “plant” it) and someone with expert “care” to build on it, being careful to build only gold, silver, and costly stones, not wood, hay, or straw–or anything combustible.

Planting, Watering, and Growing is Kingdom Building

Gold, silver, and costly stones are definitely not Sunday school lessons or Sunday sermons and definitely NOT human theology. Quality building materials are wisdom and words that come straight from the mouth of the Father. “(Wisdom) is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies,” [Proverbs 3]. And Jesus told Peter that such wisdom is not taught by men but “by my Father in heaven,” [Matt.16.17]. Earlier than this, Jesus had said that man lives by “every word that comes out of the mouth of God.”

Combine the truths above and you’d see that watering the Word in you comes straight from God’s own mouth. That alone builds with gold, silver, and costly stones. And someone ought to train you in this, as Paul said Apollos watered the Word in the Corinthians’ hearts. If this Kingdom system is in you, God “would cause it to grow.” No other system would suffice, especially not the systems that human theology and denomination use. If you don’t have God’s system, God won’t cause the Seed in you to grow. Simple as that. All you can be is a smart theologian.

They All Sought for Expert Builders to Water The Seed in Them

This system is all over the bible. We see it in Abraham and Isaac, Isaac and Jacob, Jacob and his sons. We see it in Moses and Joshua. We see it in Samuel and David, Naomi and Ruth, Mordecai and Esther, and Elijah and Elisha. We see it in Paul and Timothy and Titus, Peter and John Mark. Notice how they all had close spiritual relationship? It’s not enough to listen to Sunday school lessons and Sunday sermons. They cannot build the Jesus LIFE in you. A man of God really close to you should feed you in the spirit. What matters in God’s eyes is the Jesus LIFE built in you and growing. That’s genuine Jesus discipleship.

Before they became Jesus’ disciples, these people were looking for someone to plant, water, and grow the Word in them. When finally they saw Jesus, Philip told Nathanael, “ ”We have found the one Moses wrote about in the Law, and about whom the prophets also wrote–Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph,” [Jn.1.45]. You have to find a servant of God who’d water the Word in you so God would cause it to grow. Jesus later told Nathanael how he’d see “greater things” like an open heaven where angels ascend and descend on Jesus. Such radical and exponential spiritual growth in Christ can only happen when God causes his Kingdom system to grow in you. An open heaven can NEVER happen with human theology and denomination doctrines.

Aside from Jesus as your Discipler, you have to find a true man of God to do this in your life, a real discipler. God has delegated discipleship to his chosen men when Jesus said, “Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations.”

Here’s a true discipler sent by God, as we see in Jesus in John 1.45:

  • Moses wrote about in the law: A discipler should be rigidly bible-based that everything about him and what he does is written in the Word of God, not just some denominational doctrine.
  • About whom the prophets also wrote: A true discipler works according to the designs and aims of the glorious church of Jesus Christ (without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish) and the Kingdom of God on earth, as prophesied by the prophets in the bible. He is a Kingdom builder, not a mere church denominational propagandist or representative.

You need someone to build on the Foundation in you with gold, silver, and costly stones, so when you’re mature enough spiritually, you build accurately and correctly. You need someone to correctly water the Word in you.

So, who’s watering the Seed in you now?


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