Expert Builder and the Present Move of God

MINISTRY BUILDER. First, the good news is, God isn’t trapped in a church building anymore. Well, truth is, he never was. It was only in men’s religious imagination that God was supposed to be found only in church and church ministries. But he is everywhere, and if you seriously believe this and live it out daily, then chances are you’re probably in the present move of God.

Do You Really Believe God is Everywhere?

EXPERT BUILDER shows how God is everywhere, in every aspect of life, without making it all sound strictly religious. In fact, often without saying it.

It’s like the book of Esther in the bible where you see clearly how God is moving and is in control and yet not once is his name mentioned. You see how God moves in the personal lives of Esther and Mordecai, in the lives of their enemies, in the nation of Israel as well as other nations, even in local and international politics. In fact, you see God also moving in health and wellness, in beauty pageants, in culinary arts, human relations, parenting, education, etc. It’s all there in Esther.

The fact is, God moves in everything about life. Ministry now is not just confined to what religious people call church. You can be in “full-time ministry” working in a public or private office, doing a sport, selling products in a store, doing real estate or insurance work, or even doing a blog. It’s not just church pastors doing serious work for God–it’s all believers regardless of what job or business they are in.

The universal priesthood of all believers does not mean all believers should be active in church work. It means all believers should be in full-time ministry where they are, religious or secular. You can be in full-time ministry while being a health and fitness coach right in your gym (and I don’t mean a health and fitness coach who goes to church buildings regularly).This is the present move of God–living out the truth that God is everywhere.

All about Character Building

And it’s not anymore just never-ending bible studies, worship services, or church planting. Church folks have nothing but these things in mind when they think of “ministry.” But what’s more important in God’s present move is character and personality development hand in hand with Word sessions. In bible parlance, the fruit of the Spirit. You will know them by their fruit, says Jesus. He never said you’ll know them by their size or numbers or attendance or church income. But sadly, most churches are just after these, not quality that fits Jesus’ glorious church, without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish.

The idea behind the present move of God is to conquer every area of society by putting God’s servants with the Jesus DNA (Jesus’ LIFE, character, and power) in them, putting them in strategic places and doing his or her career there (job or business career) superbly in God’s power, sharing the Word, and living out the Jesus LIFE.

It’s not anymore putting people into church buildings and recruiting them to be members of your denominational church, keeping them busy there with activities and programs. It’s meeting them in the marketplace, inviting them to Jesus’ Kingdom by being born again, and then equipping them heavily with the Word and having the right character, mindset, and attitude so they can function for God and his Kingdom as they do their careers in the world. And you don’t need church buildings to do this. It’s all about character development, getting Jesus’ life and character. This is the only right way to build God’s Kingdom in this world through the glorious church of Jesus Christ.

It has Nothing to Do with Church Buildings or Memberships

What will you do with a 10,000-member church housed in a big mega church building, but half of which are rotten in character? If they do ministry, they will just transfer their rotten spirits to people they “minister” to. That won’t end up in a glorious church but a rotten church–probably even a synagogue of Satan talked about in Revelation 3:9. Jesus’ way is discipleship (as Jesus did it) that transfers the Jesus DNA from one life to another through the WORD of GOD and the power of the Holy Spirit, not church membership, programs and attendance.

Expert Builder blog has several menus. The main menu is about life, character and careers. The second menu under that is about other sources and helps. The third one is on top of the blog which is about church and ministry.


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