Crucial Years of Your Kid’s Life

KID BUILDER. Among vital keys to good parenting is knowing the crucial years of your kid’s life. These are the growing up years (toddler years) and adolescence. Focus on these two alone and you solve your problems in raising up your kids about 75 percent. But another problem is, these are often the same years most parents are not ready for. They either:

  • Become too loose with discipline during their kids’ toddler years
  • Or, have no time for them during their adolescence

Too Loose 

When kids are toddlers, they’re so cute and our hearts are too soft to say “No” to their wishes. We just let them do what they want and even delight in their foibles and idiosyncrasies, thinking them to be minor things. In fact, we even enjoy them. We forget that toddler years are part of what the Word says about training up children in the way they should go so that when they’re grown they won’t depart from propriety.

Kids ought not to be punished cruelly for wrong doing but they should be taught propriety through proper discipline. Training to discern right from wrong should start here because this is where the formative years start. We realize the importance of starting our kids with reading, writing, and talking during the formative years but not with character. We’re often too concerned about our child’s intellectual development but neglect their character development.

If we let this downward trend in our kids’ behavior, it’d be too late to start disciplining them when they become teenagers. And some parents start disciplining their kids only during adolescence and wonder why nothing works.

No Time

If you have disciplined your tots during their formative years, don’t congratulate yourself yet. The story hasn’t ended. There’s a new stage where your kids need further guidance–only, a more complex one. If during toddler years you simply told your kids what needed to be done, in adolescence you need to convince and show them why certain things should be done. You have to walk your talk.

But disciplining them in their toddler years surely has definite advantages than giving them no discipline at all. The hardships of teenage disciplining would be doubled or tripled if you didn’t start it during toddler years.

However, because teenage is when your kids have more special needs that require more expenses–high school and college expenses, allowances, accessories, gadgets, sports, hobbies, parties and the like–you need to be working more to earn a bigger living. And that sometimes means you need to stay less often at home with them. Thus, you have little time showing them how you walk your talk, and often this presents serious problems at a time they direly need role models to follow or imitate.

These are crucial periods in your kid’s life you have to prepare for. They can either make or break kids. They decide whether your kid has a solid foundation to face life with. With God’s help through your prayers, if you manage to perform well with parenting at these times, you don’t need to worry about how your kids would fare in their lifetime.


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