Why Most Professionals Don’t Know How to Write



WRITING SKILL BUILDER. In Manila, you’d be amazed at the number of licensed and titled professionals who can’t compose a single paragraph correctly. Worse, some cannot make even a single sentence correctly. You’d be surprised how they’re unable to  write simple proposals, certificates, or memos that they even hire writers to do them. Odd. It makes you wonder how they did their thesis to get their masters and doctorate degrees.

And what’s even funnier is how people with doctorate degrees litter government and private offices today. In one government office I went to, everyone had a PhD. And I couldn’t help but wonder–could they all write a paragraph correctly?

You need not be a book author to be a professional, but you do need to know how to write correctly no matter what your profession is. Writing in English is part of any school curriculum from grade school to college, year after year, and it seems impossible that through those years you never learned how to write a paragraph properly. How did you ever get to pass and make it through college and even get a post graduate degree?

Most professionals don’t know how to write because–well–they don’t know how to write. In their years of schooling they probably didn’t bother to give it serious thought and practice. All they did was listen to lectures and jot down notes, if any. During exams, all they did was fill in the blanks. They were not trained to compose ideas into writing–organize their thoughts on their subject matter and compose or express them into worded concepts. This exercise promotes logic and common sense. Bringing out what’s been lurking in your mind and hearing yourself say them through writing enables you to edit your thoughts and weed out whatever seems out of place. If you lack this skill, you become bookish and unable to think outside the box that classroom lectures put you in.

You should see how some college students write essays. Sometimes they sound like grade schoolers, and I’m not kidding. Sometimes I edit their works and it’s unbelievable. And some ten years after when they’ve finally landed on jobs as professionals, they ask you to edit their write-ups and they still sound the same. It worries me what they might do once they yield power and authority with that grammar. They might trigger the end of the world.

I think Google and info websites added to the problem. People today just copy-paste articles and print them on paper and submit that as “their composition.” Moreover, you notice how more people don’t read almost anything these days and just want to watch videos online? Reading serves as a solid foundation to writing well. You have to read a lot to be able to write correctly.

You want to be a full-fledged, honest-to-goodness professional? Start writing well.


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