How to Face Intimidating People with Quiet Confidence

QUIET CONFIDENCE BUILDER. I guess you’ve faced them before–intimidating folks who made you nervous and stutter. They have the reputation for being tough and inciting fear in people, often putting down subordinates with their high standards. How do you deal with them?

Since you feel nervous in front of them and nervousness involves abnormal heart beat–and heart beat rate depends on your breathing–a good strategy to face intimidating people is to be physically fit and healthy. Specifically, you have to have strong heart and lungs. No kidding. And this is actually what I’ve been doing.

Intimidating people give you stress that make you nervous when they’re around. So what I did years ago was to start working out, particularly with aerobics. It toughens your heart and lungs and enables you to breathe normally despite over-stressing situations. I started with brisk waking and then running. It was a big wonder how it made me face tough and intimidating people with calm and normal heart rate and breathing.

Since then, seeing how effective it was, I stuck with aerobics, aside from other workouts like sparring. Sparring develops a tough spirit in you. Anyway, I brisk walk and run regularly. When I face tough situations (even a fight or a heated discussion when they can’t be avoided) I breathe normally and my heart rate is very manageable, unlike before. Just facing a strict person was a big challenge to me and I felt so nervous with some breathing difficulty due to an abnormally fast heart rate.

Even during emergencies–when there’s a commotion or a dangerous situation–I’m able to keep calm, think clearly, and breath normally when I regularly do aerobics. I can also move faster.

Of course, you also watch what you eat or drink. Stay away from too fatty or salty food (that can up your blood pressure fast) or drinks with lots of caffeine and sugar. I drink lots of water to cleanse my body circulation and get rid of clogs in my systems. Your body functions work normally when there are no blockages.

Thus, when you face a tough boss or client, you relax and take everything easy, without being overwhelmed by stress. You have no fear. Your body works normally. It’s among secrets why I feel so relaxed and unintimidated during job interviews when I was still doing employments.

I also have quiet confidence and a calm fierceness during imminent dangers  or fights. That’s why many people respect me for my tough look, though looking gentle, friendly and smiling but with a piercing and watchful look. So start your aerobics workout now.

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