When Silence is Much Better



Life has taught me how silence is much better than reasoning out most of the time. Truth is, no one is interested about what you have to say. Each one has ears only for his or her own say. If you just train yourself to be patient with merely listening during conversations, people will love you. They even say you’re a good “conversationalist.”

So blogs help me a lot. Here, I say everything that is in my heart, no matter if no one listens. Anyway, I review my articles now and then and take delight in them–at least I have one sure good listener who’s sincerely interested in what I have to say. And sometimes you even wonder where you got the insights.

Out there, I’m just an audience and they’re all in the starring roles. Sometimes, you’d see how ridiculous it is when they all want to grab the mic and kick everyone out of the stage–like little kids demanding attention. You’d see how sick man is. There is nothing greater except his achievements and nothing wiser than his ideas. When I see this madness, I rather keep silent and watch, nodding my head in disbelief (which they interpret as agreement).

“He who restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding,” says Proverbs 17.27. Since I saw this wisdom, I quit the rat race. I lost appetite in greatness when I saw how it’s all a lie. Everyone is a failure and only in quiet meekness is true greatness bestowed from above. There is no other way.

Thus, silence is much better. It’s the highest praise for God. When you sit there unable to say anything about yourself–or anything at all–everything goes up to God in heaven. Sometimes, when men say, “Praise God!” the God referred to is themselves. In fact, the “God” worshiped in most churches is what things man does for God. So I think twice before saying amen. No kidding.

Silence is much better. You know what is true and you don’t have to prove to anyone that you do. I’ve seen how most people belittle quiet people and often consider them idiots. But so what? As long as you’re enjoying a much better option, you don’t care what others think.

In life and career, you’re often better off being quiet and listening. You just enjoy watching how people with a lot to say rise and fall.


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