Expert Builders are Expert Cooks

Literally, expert builders are also expert cooks. I like cooking and I often cook meals on ordinary days when the wife is not around. And how’s my cooking? You just have to see the sizes of my sons’ appetites to easily figure it out. I cook mostly Filipino native dishes.

You can’t be an expert builder of lives if you don’t know how to cook. Literal good cooking is an art and science. You should know the exact proportion on various ingredients and mix them into one menu–perfectly blended. You know how long to boil, how long to simmer, the exact time to put in certain ingredients, and the precise time to click the burner off.

At first you use measuring utensils and timers because you don’t want to overdo anything. You want to be “accurate,” which is amateurish. Well, that’s okay. But when you’re an expert cook, you do everything by hunch calculations and instinct. In fact, you know the exact amounts by quick estimates, even with eyes closed. And you can do blog articles at the same time that you’re cooking. All of a sudden, your instinct tells you to stand up from your desktop and go to the kitchen because it’s time to lower the fire or put in some ingredients or turn something on its other side.

You’d even be surprised at your perfect timing!

I think it’s somewhat the same with building character to help people build their lives and careers. At first you need to do it by some book. Later, through experience, everything is by instinct. You throw the books away because now you have authored your own book kept in your mind and heart. Sometimes, one look at a person and you know what he or she is going through. It’s like when the prophet Elisha knew by just one look how Hazael was going to murder his king and take over government. I believe it’s a mix of supernatural prophetic insight, science, and art–the same exact elements vital for good meal cooking.

I often use foreknowledge to foresee what my family would love to eat on a particular meal time and day. My dear wife has also developed this rare talent so that our sons often wonder how we know they’ve been missing the food we just cooked. And meal times often become mysteriously exciting–and delicious, of course. Now, our sons want to catch the same spirit, or even a double portion.

In helping people build their lives and characters, you must remember two things:

  1. People are basically the same.
  2. Basically, not all people are the same.

To reconcile them, you need prophetic insight, science, and art. When you master these things, there comes a point when with just a glance, you know the whole story–but nonetheless you need to confirm each detail like you don’t know a thing.

Okay, my instincts (and the spreading sweet aroma) tell me the original Ilocano pinakbet I’m cooking is now ready..


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