What One Thing Ailments and Body Pain Tell You



Some time in life they start increasing, and they mean only one thing–workout. God placed this mechanisms in our bodies–ailments and body pains–in time when our bodies begin to decline in health. If you haven’t noticed, ailments and body pain tell you one thing: you need to start taking workouts seriously–plus health and fitness.

Imagine if God hadn’t put these mechanisms to use. All of us would just drop dead all of a sudden without warning. But God, in his mercy, designed our bodies so that in times when our health declines, we’d know it before the worse happens. Ailments and body pains are warning signals built-in our body systems so we’d know when something has started going wrong. That’s the hint that we must see our medical doctor and get advices from him on health and fitness.

Early warning device. But even warning devices on the road only become meaningful if we take heed early. When we see one, we should slow down and check what the warning is all about. If we ignore and proceed without caution, the early warning will serve no purpose to us. Ailments and body pain are also designed thus–so we can proceed with caution and right what’s wrong. When you feel an ailment or body pain, it reminds you of a neglected aspect of your health and fitness life.

Other folks like to joke about ailments and body pain as signs of aging and therefore normal. Well, kindof, yes. But neglect only serves to hasten aging further. God didn’t put the mechanism there just to tell us we’re getting old and rusty. He put it there so we can redirect our lives now and then and go straight ahead.

I was surprised the other day to watch an old video of a 77-year-old farmer somewhere in central Luzon in the 1930s who played arnis martial arts so well like a teenager would. He looked so athletic and moved nimbly. I believe that’s God’s will for us–to enjoy good health and fitness all our lives. But sadly, we react negatively with ailments and body pain. We let them take over us and reign supremely in the end. Or, we delay their dominion by merely taking maintenance medicines.

Remember then, the one thing ailments and body pain tell you–start seeing your doctor, working out, eating right, resting enough, and taking the right natural health supplements. I take all-natural and safe Vital C health supplements.


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