How to Harness the Power of Goodness in You

GOODNESS BUILDER. The bible says overcome evil with good. It’s an idea very easy to discuss in bible studies and easy to memorize. But when you’re face-to-face with it in real life, it seems more practical to just punch evil in the nose. Most of us have that tendency (especially if we know how to punch), but we must learn to overcome evil with good. And we can do this if we learn how to harness the power of goodness in us.

No doubt, goodness is richly dwelling in us if we are in Christ and Christ is in us. You don’t have to aim to be good or make it your New Year’s resolution to be good from now on. You don’t need self efforts for this because it is already in you. You cannot workout being good. Jesus himself said only God is good (and he is God). Thus, the thing is that Jesus should be living in you.

But the question is, if you have goodness richly in you, why is it that many times you just want to punch evil people in the nose? It’s because you have to harness the power of goodness in you. It’s like being given a sword. The sword won’t fight for you. You have to know how to handle a sword and then use the sword to your advantage. The power of goodness in you won’t make sense unless you learn how to effectively use it.

To harness the power of goodness, you need to see how it works through its manual–the bible. It says in summary that goodness becomes more powerful in you the more you use it to overcome (not fight) evil. But the thing that will defeat and destroy goodness is your ego. When you feed the ego, it becomes strong to defeat the power of goodness in you. For instance, when someone irritates and hurts your ego and you retaliate, you feed your ego. Being able to get back at your opponent feels so good but it destroys goodness in you.

But if you choose to ignore and forgive, that’s the power of goodness in you and it becomes stronger the more you do this. Overcoming evil with good means you opt not to fight but to meekly accept the wrong done to you. You simply remain meek and lowly. You choose to suffer injustice quietly.

However, this is only so if your ego (self worth or self importance) is attacked. But when it comes to other offenses–like if someone is trying to hurt a loved one or trying to do a crime or injustice against innocent people (and it’s not an attack against your ego)–you have to fight. Not doing so only means cowardice, not the power of goodness. When Jesus’ person was being attacked, he kept mum. He was like sheep led to the slaughter, even death on the cross. But when the temple was being desecrated, he retaliated. When the adulteress was about to be stoned to death, he defended her.

Thus, to harness the power of goodness, you need wisdom to discern right from wrong, meekness, selflessness, and self effacing decisions that kill the ego.


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