Patience Amid Impatience

PATIENCE BUILDER. How do you remain being patient when those around you are grossly impatient? It’s quite important to be unique in times like this, not just to stand out and shine but to avoid getting wrong spirits transferred to you. Wrong characters are actually wrong spirits that wait for opportunities to jump on and take residence in you.

They’re just around us, unseen and yet real threats. Most times they are on impatient people and aching to find other people to ride on at the same time. If you’re unaware about them and just react negatively in any situation as you see fit, these wrong spirits excitedly jump on you and ride you like cowboys ride horses. They make you go places or behave as they want to. And they stay. They take residence. And foremost among them is the spirit of impatience.

This fact alone motivates me to always have patience. I don’t want wrong spirits taking over me–and especially NOT impatience. And my secret to keeping impatience out is to ignore it. When impatience is thick in the atmosphere, I think about my dreams and other pleasant things. I think about the Lord and his goodness in the bible. I think about times when my prayers will be answered and I begin to enjoy the fruit of my prayer labors. I think about my wife and our fun and challenging adventures together.

Why do I hate impatience? It grows and multiplies fast and ramifies into other wrong spirits like anger, hatred, and pride. Often, your impatience is rooted in your self-importance, which is pride. You think everybody should look after your welfare. You cannot wait in line because you are a busy person and have other things to do–as if other people aren’t like that. I mean, who isn’t busy these days?

Impatience means your ego is getting uncomfy and wants to be released from whatever is holding it back. So, as long as you feed your ego, your impatience grows stronger and bigger. Imagine a huge wrong spirit riding on you. And if you complain impatiently and other people get encouraged by it and complain impatiently as well, the huge wrong spirit on you has managed to ride on them as well. It has gotten that big! That’s why people around you have the same impatient spirit.

If you don’t want to wait in line, go there early. Or, to avoid getting impatient, cancel other schedules for the day so you can have enough time to wait patiently for whatever it is you are waiting for. If others are beginning to show impatience, smile and be different. Clear your thoughts and think that getting a right spirit is more important than airing your complaint and feeding your ego.

But of course, there are times when you have to do some complaining about some system defects or disorderly procedures that cause delays and unnecessary waiting and waste of time. If you have to do this, do it patiently. My technique is to look at the person in charge directly and sharply while I remain smiling and being friendly–but with a hint that I can also be mean if pushed to the max. I create an aura of “friendly toughness” which I guess developed in me during years of martial arts training.

But if after complaining, the situation remains the same–or if the guy receiving the complaints also show impatience–then I back off a bit, but still with the mean-friendly look. About 95 percent of the time, that look handles people and situations like magic. So practice it. I can easily knock down people–even big ones–with my fast and proven martial skills, but I never do it–except in sparring sessions. I back off from needless fights. I don’t want any wrong spirits in me. But you can fight psychologically so you can remain calm and patient amid impatience.

Getting tips and vital principles from the e-book, “How to be Easily Likable to Most People” can be a great help. It shares true-to-life experiences on how patience won over impatience and how patience under pressure can be a practical reality for you, especially handling difficult people and pleasing people without meaning to and without compromising your dignity. To buy the e-book, simply refer to the BLOGROLL on the right sidebar of this blog and look for How to be Easily Likable to Most People (dollars or pesos). After paying, you will be taken back to this blog where you click on a link for downloading your PDF copy of the e-book right away!


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