How to Get Rid of Your Haters with a Win-Win Strategy

Get rid of your haters–I guess everyone would like that. We all have haters and likers in real life, and lots of folks wonder how to eliminate haters and increase likers. Is there a way to do this? There definitely is. And it goes something like this–“If you can’t win ’em, don’t!”

Huh? How do you get rid of haters and increase your likers that way? Well actually, it has a second part to it–“If you can’t win ’em, don’t…then you win ’em!” This may raise your eyebrows higher, but someone did discover this principle to be effective, and he has been using it since day one of discovery. Accordingly, he has encountered less detractors and opposition ever since. Oh, and yes, you can’t get rid of them all, but at least most of your haters will settle for a ceasefire, if not a truce.

The key here is knowing your enemy. How can you love your enemy as you love yourself if you don’t know a thing about him or her? Knowledge is indeed power, and the more you know about your haters, the more you are at a vantage point and find wider space on which to maneuver for a win. And mind you, this has nothing to do with overly pleasing people. The author, a friend of Expert Builder, claims he has never tried to please anyone in his life more than necessary. Well, we all have to please some folks around us–our parents, spouse, the big boss in the company where we work in, and money lenders.


But you can deal with people without compromising your principles and dignity and at the same time turn the haters among them into allies, or else self-exiled enemies. You can get rid of your haters by turning the tables on them and make them “like” you out of necessity, and you solve the problem with a win-win situation in the process. It’s just a simple case of knowing your enemy and the principles behind it.

My friend’s e-book, “How to be Easily Likable to Most People (And Enjoy their Favor),” shares how he overcame incredible office politics without much effort and got his haters to take his side without meaning to. It is recommendable to people who get trapped in the middle of clashing difficult people at home, in the office, at school, or anywhere else (and especially in church). It is also good reading for folks who are waiting for a job promotion or applying for work. You want to influence people in key positions? Then, know the principles on how to become easily likable to most of them.

To buy the e-book, just click on How to be Easily Likable to Most People on “Links” on the right sidebar of this blog and you will be directed to Paypal to make the purchase. You will then be re-directed back to this blog on a page where you click on a link for your PDF copy of the e-book.


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