Keep Fit Using Powerful Tips from God and Health Science

b155dfd419f0742a003f09abe22087d31FITNESS AND WEIGHT LOSS BUILDER. I’ve been doing my fitness program with God. I find him a reliable fitness coach to give me the boost I need to keep up with my workouts. What I mean is, I find a lot of bible passages that inspire me to keep on being healthy and fit, and I believe I discover them because he leads me to.

Yes, God is very interested about your health and fitness. He wants to bless us with these as he blessed Moses with health even as he got old. At age 80 or so, Moses was still climbing up and down Mt. Sinai several times, and this without the aid of harnesses or climbing tools or a well paved road. In fact, not even a dirt road. Moses literally rock-climbed at that advanced age, and he did it because God gave him health and fitness.

Here’s what I do–I meditate God’s Word early in the morning, aware that his words bring me healing and health, even if what I meditate is not about healing or health. God’s word is medicine to the human body. If you believe it that way, God will deal with you according to your faith.

Second, I workout. I run and do my martial arts routine for fitness.

Third, I eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

In all these, God’s words inspire me to go on. It gives me strength to keep at it. So I never tire or lose the vision of a health and fit me. If God is your Coach, how can your fitness program go wrong?

Then, I always research about health science, getting tips about fitness and wellness. In fact, I’m a registered health and wellness consultant with Vital-C, a health and wellness company in the Philippines. I do a lot of researches on alternative health and medicine and then combine my finds with inspiration I get from God’s Word. And it works. By God’s grace, I am fit and healthy, getting good blood chem results each time I have myself checked. I also regularly visit my medical doctor.

And there are bonuses. Often, you can ask God to trim down your tummy or cut a bit from your excess weight. And if you mix prayer with faith, it happens. Just don’t abuse it. Don’t go on eating unhealthy food or living an unhealthy lifestyle and then ask God to make you healthy and fit. It will never work. Faith with works is life. Faith without works is dead.

To buy my e-book on How to Lose Weight with God Words and Medical Science, click it on “Links” on the right sidebar of this blog. You will be directed to Paypal to make the purchase. Then Paypal will re-direct you back to this blog on a page where you click on a button to download your PDF copy of the e-book.


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