How to Protect Your Happiness

HAPPINESS BUILDER. Happiness is vital to any career. No matter what you’re busy with in life, you need happiness and you should know how to protect it. In case you didn’t know, a lot of dark forces out there want to forfeit you of your happiness–joy to be precise. They hate it when you have inner happiness and they’d do anything to demolish it.

You’re a writer or blogger, for instance, and detractors and mean critics are always out there to discourage you from continuing with your craft. If not them, then there is the inner enemy which is a more daunting and subtle opponent to deal with–laziness. Laziness can destroy true inner happiness by simply making you stop what you enjoy doing. And do you know what your meanest weapon is against laziness? Hard work? Not exactly. It’s time off.

Yup, vacation time is what you need when laziness wants to set in. Hard work will just kill your drive further. Hard work leads to excessive stress and then your mind stops working and that leads to disappointments. Then you get tired. Then you get lazy. And you know what the majority do in times like this? They work even harder, thinking that to be the solution.

But take time off. Rest and find recreation. I often get out of my desk and cubicle and go out and take a walk. As you breathe in fresh oxygen and as your blood circulates better, your inner happiness comes back. You get a better view of life again and you find new meaning. “Yeah, I never thought of it like that!” you’d say once the eyes of your mind and heart clears and you see things in their true light and color.

And taking time off is how you also get rid of detractors and critics–and other enemies of your happiness. When you’re tried and stressed out, their wicked opinions easily get into you and you quickly get affected, and even react. Their strategy actually is to get you to face them more. The more you give in to that, the more they win and the more you lose your happiness. So what I do is take time off–brisk walk, shadow box, window shop, eat, watch a good movie, drink my favorite fresh fruit drink, or do all the above–anything I enjoy doing.

You should learn how to protect your happiness, especially your inner happiness. I tell you, a great many¬†out there–and in here (in your mind and heart) are after it.


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