How to Keep Love Intact

LOVE BUILDER. Your love for writing, reading, books, career, hobby, people, spouse, and especially for God is challenged daily, almost each moment, if you haven’t noticed. Television and online movies, for instance, can ruin your schedule for writing and reading for the day. Or, instead of buying a really good book to add to your collection, you end up spending the money on junk shakes and food, just adding to your already excessive body weight.

To my mind, there are two things that ruin love: love for money and ego. More accurately, it’s obsession for money and ego. We need money and we have to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. But it’s quite different when we begin to be greedy and egoistic. They destroy true love and even blind us to the fact. Moreover, these two develop immaturity and stubbornness in us and include us in the list of difficult people in the world.

Greediness and egoism or self-centeredness (or egomania) can easily wreck your career. Yes, you may get a lot of promotion and even get the highest position, but immaturity creates bad image that builds up notoriety and disgust. Many times, I’ve seen greedy and egoistic people in high positions earning huge money but hated even by good people. What real good do you get from that? I mean, what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul? Worse, your love for God definitely dwindles to zero reading if you cultivate greed and egoism.

So, before greed and ego wreck your love, here are vital tips on how to keep your love intact:

  • Keep close to God. That’s always number one. Read the bible and seriously consider his values.
  • Keep simple. The desire for a complicated, glamorous life and to be recognized triggers self-importance that can lead to greed and egoism. “If we have food and clothing, we will be content with that,” [1 Timothy 6.8].
  • Prioritize. Always start the day with things you value, like exercise, bible reading, blogging, writing, reading, or gardening for instance. Eventually, you’d lose time doing the things you shouldn’t be doing. Meditating God and His Word, family bonding, exercise, and blogging alone makes my 24 hours a day skimpy. So, no more time for other things. “Do not give the devil a foothold,” [Ephesians 4.27].
  • Last and most effective of all, pray. I always pray to God that he keep my heart simple and focused to things that matter most to Him. That’s how you keep love intact for good.


Just remember, after considering all the above, eating your favorite junk food or watching good movies now and then isn’t a bad idea. And periodically ruining your planned schedule for the day is sometimes fun. But remember the key words–now and then. Not everyday.

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