Retirement Pay for Freelance Writers?

Don’t get too caught up with your big earnings as a freelance writer that you forget about old age and retirement. If you’re a freelance writer writing for 5 clients who need 3 articles each from you daily and pay you P300 per article (or about $7 per article), you earn P4,500 a day or P27,000 a week (excluding Sunday). That’s a whopping P108,000 a month or more than $2,400 a month. It’s easy to get comfy with that pay and settle your mind to doing nothing all your life but write for those clients.

But you might suddenly find yourself clientless one day, or suffer disability, and your P108k a month suddenly disappears. If those two don’t get you then old age will eventually. What then? I’ve heard of writers who made good money in their prime but became almost penniless when they reached the retireable age, having nothing but their meager social security pension and a health card. Those two may take care of your medical checkups and maintenance medicines, but how about your bills, food, clothes, groceries, and a little bit of celebrations and entertainment? And what about buying your own house and lot and leaving a good enough inheritance for your kids and grand kids?

So before you get to old age, prepare well for it starting today. And the first step to this is saving money.

But, do you have money to save? The P108k a month scenario I presented above is ideal, but what if you earn just a small, tiny, minuscule fraction of that? Thank God I realized this years ago and I started looking for ways to save money that isn’t there. “God, what miracle are you going to do to solve this?” I asked him one time I was meditating his Word. The answer was clear: “Make extra income.” Logical, isn’t it? I mean, he is God and he can easily create money out of nothing and produce the extra income anytime. But how about me? How do I do that?

Then he led me to articles online that talked about multiple income streams. Through them you create residual income. After learning about all these, I realized this was exactly what I needed–multiple income streams that produced residual income. This income provided you with steady profits even if you’ve stopped managing your blogs or online business, especially come old age. Is this sort of thing for real? Does it really happen in real life? They do. I have friends online who can attest to it because young as they are, it’s already happening to them! They get residual income from their online blogs or businesses so they can do their ministries full time without worrying about money.

Multiple income streams means you have several businesses you’ve invested in online, like blogs, affiliate marketing, Adsense, trading or foreign exchange, and ebooks for instance. Once you start doing them one by one until you get them well established in time, you will harvest residual income eventually with God’s help and will. When you don’t have time to write for clients anymore you can thank God for what he provides through your residual income to sustain you. Residual income is 100 times better than retirement pay. So, freelancers, invest in this right now!

It’s not fun to be forever writing for others. Yeah, it’s exciting at the start, but once you realize your hard efforts benefit other people as long as they live and you benefit from it only once, you start re-thinking about it. After you get paid, that’s it. You don’t earn money from the article you sold anymore. But with residual income, one article can make you money many times over during your lifetime. What if you have 5 blogs with 300 articles each? So, what do you think? Perhaps it’s time that your write-ups start serving you to the max! It’s time that you get what you really deserve!

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