Power to Ignore Pain



ENDURANCE BUILDER. In traditional martial arts, we were taught to endure pain by frequent meditation–sitting or standing quietly a long time and emptying the mind. This trains you mentally to ignore the self, the ego, and eliminates self-importance and cultivates meekness and selflessness. Later, you discover its physical and emotional benefits as well–the power to ignore pain.

But that was before. Today, I meditate as God prescribes in the bible: “Keep still and know I am God.” Its calming effect gets rid of stress and that works for your improved health and fitness, among other benefits.

Meditation is almost a lost health art. It’s a vital component of health and life itself. Eastern cultures place heavy emphasis on it, particularly Jewish–“Meditate on (God’s law) day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful,” says God to Joshua.

“I honor and love your commands. I meditate on your decrees,” [Psalm 119.48]

Meditation enables you to get God’s success formula. It promotes life and health:

I will never forget your precepts,
    for by them you have preserved my life. [Psalm 119.93]

It promotes humility and meekness:

Though I am lowly and despised,
    I do not forget your precepts. [Psalm 119.141]

And meditating the Word promotes overall great peace. If you have this peace, you easily have the power to ignore pain:

Great peace have those who love your law,
    and nothing can make them stumble. [Psalm 119.165]

Do you have tremendous patience and self-control to ignore insults and humiliation? Is your ego dead to personal attacks and prejudices? Can you easily forego your rights and privileges and just keep silent about injustices against your person–while having “great peace” [Psalm 119.165] within all along? If you want a powerful and solid life and career mindset like this, master great peace which is the power to ignore pain. You get this from meditating the Word of God and talking to Him always during the day.

Aside from a tremendous spiritual armor against emotional pain, I also benefit from the ability to ignore physical pain. There was a long episode in my life when I was full of body pains–I was almost confined to my bed because the slightest movement made me gasp for air. It made me so weak and useless for years, I thought I’d die like that. Moreover, I had a lot of body pains. Even today, bloated tummy often gives me lots of woes, even impairing my hearing on my right ear.

But I fought them all triumphantly and continue to fight what remain–all by God’s grace and by meditating him. I can ignore terrible body pains, some of which are unbelievably unbearable–ordinary men will faint at the slightest sensation of them. But don’t get me wrong–I am healthy and athletic–I have healthy blood chem results and my personal doctor is happy about my health. Yet, some body pains disturb me, but which I’ve learned to just ignore with great patience and discipline. Later, I saw how it has been honing my character so that the ability to ignore pain has become a thing of power. It gives me power I rarely see in others.

Apostle Paul once had a “thorn in the flesh” which he asked God three times to get rid of. But God told him, “My grace is sufficient for you because my power is made perfect in weakness.” In short, if you master pain, it gives you the power to ignore it–and every woe and tribulation in this life, for that matter.

Notice how those who never master pain easily complain, assert their rights, give up, and even rebel? While there is a time for everything–there is a right time to defend yourself and fight–often you are given time to suffer and later ignore pain. This means you’re up for a promotion. You’re about to be handed great power.

I meditate the Word exactly this way: I look afar and empty my mind so that I have nothing in mind but Jesus, being aware of God beside me. Then I break out in worship and prayer–sometimes in tongues (as God moves me)–and then open the bible to meditate God’s spoken Word. I forget about myself, my life, and my “urgent” schedules. I don’t care how long God wants me to meditate–even if it takes me half or the whole day, even if I have to cancel some schedules. I just want God. He is the Source of my inner strength so I can ignore pain.

Mind you, don’t use chants or repeating words or phrases which Jesus negated. Just keep quiet and be aware of his presence, you may sing to him, and then meditate the Word and listen to him speak to your spirit.

LESSON: If your ego is dead and you can ignore pain, you’re emptied of self so that you easily obey God.

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