Why Prioritize Things at 80-20 Even in Blogging?



FOCUS BUILDER. A couple of guys I’ve met asked me how things in life ought to be prioritized. In short, they asked me about life focus. I told them, I believe it should be 80-20: give 80 percent of your focus to a main life issue and then 20 to others. “Shouldn’t it be 100 percent?” they asked. “Isn’t that what remaining focused means?” I looked afar and then said, “Umm, not really.” Then they invited me for coffee to tell them more about it.

It’s like driving. You should remain focused on the road ahead but periodically you have to check your side and rear mirrors. My kumpare once told me to quickly check them at a glance every 5 seconds or so without forfeiting myself totally of the sight of the road ahead. That’s 80-20 “balanced” focus to keep yourself safe on the road. It’s also like a camera. When you focus on a subject, 20 percent of the vision goes to the background, though blurrily. And the same applies with drawing or painting. You can’t limit focus to the subject 100 percent and get rid of the background altogether. Subject and background are inseparable–even if you have to draw a mere dot. To make it discernible, it needs white background.

The same principle applies in life. If say, your focus or priority is your family, you need to allot about 20 percent of it to earning money to support them plus health, education, insurance, housing and the like. If your priority is God, you need to look at how that affects people around you, as well. If you want 100 percent focus on God, then you need to go straight to heaven. While on earth, we need to apportion 20 percent focus on things related to God.

Which explains why we need to do the same when blogging. If our blog is on food, we also need to touch on people and places–especially the people behind the delicious food and where it is available. If you blog on local strawberries, then you probably need to say something about the farmers in La Trinidad who grow them, and a little bit of La Trinidad, Benguet and perhaps Baguio. I for one would find someone who loves Baguio strawberries and say something about him or her. You cannot just focus 100 percent on local strawberries.

Eric, among my favorite professional bloggers, periodically includes articles about his family vacation and church ministry trips on his internet marketing blog. It’s the “spice” of blogs that make them more interesting, more “delicious,” so to say. Expert Builder is basically on books and blogging–or reading and writing–and being so I often include life and career because life and career basically involve reading and writing. It can also include food and places, weird experiences, and so on.

Some folks, like my smart friend Cadio, think Expert Builder is expertly tackling different professions and careers. I can’t do that because I’m not that kind of an expert and neither am I a Jack of all trades. But it’s about tackling proper mindsets and attitudes as people live their lives and do their careers. Reading and writing as a hobby always lead to forming mindsets and attitudes.That’s what we deal with on Expert builder.

So, when prioritizing anything, remember the 80-20 principle. You always need both details and overviews.


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