How to Enjoy Christmas Foods and Lose Weight, Too

WEIGHT LOSS BUILDER. I’m telling you, there’s noting like food on the Christmas dining table. And most folks can’t tell if this is a blessing or a problem, what with all the fatty ingredients and high bad cholesterol and transfats most delicious foods have, especially those served during Christmas festivities. But they never bothered me one bit because I have a secret on how to enjoy Christmas food and lose weight, too.

First off, have a lifestyle of working out. Don’t all of a sudden start working out after the Christmas holidays are over just because you ate too much fatty food–which is always too late a remedy. You should have been working out months before Christmas. But it’s useless to talk about it now, so what I’d tell you are spur-of-the-moment rescue efforts to save you from gaining weight while you enjoy the holidays–even lose some weight–and even if you aren’t a health buff. No harm in trying, so why don’t you?

Try enjoying food rich in protein–I mean lean meat. Get rid of every trace of fat in it and eat just enough. And by “just enough” I mean when you’re full, stop. Don’t justify excess eating or fool yourself by lying that your tummy still has room. However, you can go on eating other non-fatty or meatless light food dishes like vegetable or fruit salads (minus the dressing). I recommend steamed fish, tofu menus, and vegetables and fruits.

Stay away from carbs as much as possible…well okay, I can see that little pout on your face. You may have a small bite of cakes or pastries, about a fourth of a small plate per meal. If there are brownies, fruit cakes, and black forest cake on the table for instance, choose only one and get only a fourth (or smaller) of a small plate. Okay? can you do that? If I can do it, you can, too!

Definitely NO to softdrinks and sodas. Ice cream, you can have a small cup (of 3 small scoops) a day. And also a big NO to commercialized green tea. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not healthy and won;t help your weight loss goals. If you want tea, prepare one yourself using real natural green tea with a squeeze of lemon or kalamansi. Stay away from other commercialized “health” or “fitness” drinks.

And most of all, DO NOT drink while eating or right after eating. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before eating or an hour after eating. Drinking while or right after eating upsets your digestive enzymes and spoils effective digestion that naturally gets rid of or regulates fat in the body. Worse is eating carbs (pies, bread, cakes) and then drinking something cold. Never do that if you don’t want to get really sick eventually or have bulges around your tummy. Moreover, drinking while eating makes your digestive system acidic, and acidic tummies easier collects fats in the body.

Another thing I do so effectively is to take Vital-C 30 minutes before meals. Vital-C makes your digestive system alkaline and enhances fat burning. I also take a small shot of red wine when I happen to eat too much meat. And don’t forget to brisk walk each early morning! You see, you don’t have to be a health and fitness buff to brisk walk. To me it’s simply taking a leisure walk around.

Finally, drink lots of water between meals.

Are you ready to enjoy Christmas food and lose weight, too?

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