Character Builds Everything

CHARACTER BUILDER. If you want to build anything really significant both here and in heaven, build character no matter what endeavor you’re in. Achievements don’t mean anything unless they make you grow more in character. And the best character to have is humility and meekness. If accomplishments make you boast in yourself and become arrogant, they become meaningless, as good as trash.

“As it is, you boast in your arrogant schemes. All such boasting is evil.” [James 4.16].

Don’t measure success by how much money you make but what character is built in you. Money only does you good in this life but what counts in the hereafter is the character built in you. If you build anything in this life–business, career, family, and much more ministry–build it with character development in mind and heart. If it makes you and the people who work for you better persons, then you are successful, no matter if you’re not among the 10 or 100 top corporations.  Character builds everything.

You see, in the end, everything will be weighed out by God. And his standards are different from the world’s. You may have the biggest mega company in the world with the highest annual income, but all that could be trash in God’s sight if you have nothing more than profits and assets to show for it. And you may be the smallest business in the world with just enough profits–or perhaps you went bankrupt–but if it all results to your being a better person with a humbler heart–being kind to both high and low, rich and poor, so that people who work for you see the value of good character–you’re a great success in God’s sight.

On earth you may not have built an empire for yourself, but if you have developed a humble heart and meek spirit, you have built something significantly big in God’s eyes and you’re big-time in his Kingdom. Angels recognize you for that. I know, this all seems easier said than done, but it doesn’t come without a painful life experience. I was down and almost out when nothing I did seemed to work. My wife began asking hard questions we both couldn’t answer. And then one day, in my desperate moments with God, he led me to Scriptures that gave meaning to all that was happening. My wife and I saw the meaning but couldn’t take it to mean us–our lives–and asked, “Why us?”

Here was what God told us, something to this effect: “If I choose someone to do a great task for me, I make him build character, not anything else, and definitely not material possessions. Character builds everything.” This principle, I later realize, is not just for church ministry. It applies to all of life–work, career, business, promotion, relationships, family, etc.

Moreover, because God is spirit, he places heavy importance on spiritual tasks than mundane or material ones. This means, if all you have in this life is success in material possessions, you’re small-time in God’s Kingdom even if you are well celebrated in this world. But if you have good character and you’re in Christ, you’re big-time in the Kingdom though you may be a nobody in this world.

You may just be a lowly guy living a simple life in an insignificant part of the world. Compared to  a business magnate or someone who invented a highly important medical or military gadget, you’re nothing. But if you’re meek and humble, obeying God’s Word, your character builds everything around you in spirit which God alone sees and appreciates. Now, what could be better than that?

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