Reading Books Improves Brain Health say Experts

BRAIN HEALTH BUILDER. Reading improves brain health, says experts. It saves you from dementia, like Alzheimer’s. If you make it a habit to read daily, you empower your brain as you age. And the trick is to read about new things you haven’t come across before and try to figure it out. Keep you brain neurons busy–and make sure every bit of it is an enjoyable activity for you. Those are the two vital components of brain health–challenge to learn new things and enjoy the process.

Look at what Dr Robert Wilson said about reading for brain health, taken from Express.Co.Uk: “Our study suggests that exercising your brain from childhood through old age is important for brain health in old age. Based on this, we shouldn’t underestimate the effects of ­everyday activities, such as reading and writing, on our children, ourselves and our parents or grandparents.” No one is exempt. We all should read regularly for brain health.I’m not prodding you to read just so you’d buy my e-books. It just so happens that I sell them, but truth is I and my wife have always been counseling people to keep reading even before I was into the e-books business. My wife loves to read and I’m a certified bookworm (and a bookwriter, too, is there’s such a thing).

And kids! Kids should be trained to read so that when they grow up they wouldn’t depart from the habit. The internet trains our kids to prefer watching videos to reading books for entertainment and education–which Expert Builder thinks isn’t good. Watching video is okay but we should train our kids to read most times. How about video or online games? They’re probably good now and then but more than that is definitely disaster for kids.

To me, I’d rather that kids play video games only once a week and just an hour or so–after studies. No matter how modern technology is today, reading books is still the best hobby and entertainment.

Neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield shares on DailyMail.Co.Uk how reading helps lengthen the attention span of children and promotes their clear-thinking ability. My wife, being a teacher, observes how kids’ attention span seems getting shorter each year. I also often teach people during marketing lectures, bible studies and fitness sessions and I find keeping even teenagers and adults focused on what they’re doing getting more difficult. I believe this is due to a terrible lack of book-reading.

Just read. Invest on it, too. Buy e-books–it’s the quickest way to access information today and start feeding your mind with new things.

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