Mentoring that Duplicates

DISCIPLESHIP BUILDER. Mentoring that duplicates the Jesus DNA of a discipler into his disciple–this is what attaining to the full measure of Jesus Christ is all about and among the reasons why Expert Builder is online. Expert Builder feels called upon to proliferate online the idea of mentoring believers so that the LIFE of Jesus is duplicated on them while they interact with the world exactly as God wants them to–with their God-given person and individuality still intact.

It’s not you anymore but Jesus in you, but it’s still so much you. People see it’s you, and yet they realize it’s no longer you. You’ve radically changed, and the change goes on daily in ever-increasing glory, until you attain to Christ’s full measure. It’s not just Christ-likeness–it’s to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Some make Christ-likeness their end-goal. Expert Builder makes it a mere everyday vehicle to attain the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

One day you cease to exist–it’s not longer you but Christ in you. And yet, it’s still very much you. No doubt it’s you, but you’re not the same you anymore. You have totally changed–and you change daily. Anyone in Christ is a new creation, and the newness goes on daily. You’re always a degree newer today than you were yesterday. And if that change goes on for a year or 5 years, imagine the radical change in you! Real Jesus discipleship is mentoring that duplicates the Jesus LIFE in believers, no more no less. It’s not a church program or a regular bible study in cell groups. It should be the breath of life blown into your nostrils daily.

So folks, I guess you now have a hint of what the church ministry that God gave me–HISgroup– is. And I’ll give you more in the posts to come. I’ll be pouring out here what I’ve been seeing when I roam around God’s Throne Room in the wee hours of the night or early morning–or when I’m enthroned in our rest room–or just plain doing my regular routine daily. The Jesus LIFE definitely needs to spread far and wide in these last days we’re in before the big, genuine Holy Spirit revival happens when literally everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved.

Who’s going to do that powerful evangelism in the end-times when everyone who calls on Jesus gets genuinely changed and saved? Those who have ceased to exist and manifest nothing except Jesus Christ in their bodies. That’s powerful mentoring that duplicates! Next spiritual post is about what real Radical Jesus Discipleship is. Watch out for it!


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