Best Things to Have During Vacations: A Natural Health Drink and a Book

VACATION PLAN BUILDER. During vacations, I’d rather have a tall glass of iced all-natural health drink and a book, than go out and “explore” places or the world. Some folks are crazy about traveling, but I love to travel mentally and spiritually–by getting a comfy chair and reading some good books while slowly sipping a healthy and fresh fruit juice drink. To me that’s paradise. And often, I find myself more contented and behaved about life than those who do “exciting” things with their lives, trying this and that and going here and there.

Come vacation time, here are things I look for:

  • A quiet place to meet with God
  • A quiet place to talk casually with my wife
  • A quiet place to read books
  • A quiet place to write
  • A quiet place to drink fresh fruit juices and ruminate
  • A high-enough place where I can see the horizon and look afar and meditate
  • Interesting places to experiment with my cam
  • Museums and libraries
  • A good bookstore
  • Health and fitness stores
  • Wooden cabins in the mountains (if any)
  • Small, nice, clean eateries with good foods
  • Cozy refreshment stands serving natural fruit juices

Honestly, I’d rather do the above than travel the world. I don’t care if I never get to go out of my country or get to see the world before I die. All I care about is meet with God regularly and roam in His realms and Kingdom–then write all about that. These are the best things to have during vacations. I would love to have a laptop so I can do my blogs wherever I am, but I don’t enjoy reading stuff online with a laptop or iPad or tablet or smartphone. I still prefer reading paperback books.

Hard-copy books are the best during vacations than playing online games with a hi-tech gadget. E-books are second best. The reason is that, I’m not well adept with gadgets and digital games. Second, my eyes hurt when exposed too long to PC screens. And third, I easily get bored with digital games, more so when I find it hard to win in them. With reading books, you always win.

I love summer vacation more than Christmas vacation. On Christmas, most people hardly ever get a real vacation. They feel they miss a lot if they just relax and rest at home with their families while letting Yuletide quietly pass by. That’s a major sin and stupidity to them–letting the Season quietly pass by. What a waste! “It’s the Savior’s birth and all you do is rest and relax at home?” they’d vehemently ask. They feel they need to be stressed out and exhausted and worn out to be able to say they had a “wonderful Christmas vacation.”

That’s why I always wish Christmas time is over when it comes. I love meditating Scripture on Christ’s humble birth and the circumstances around it. But I hate what men do to “celebrate” Christmas–even what folks in church do to celebrate it. I can’t stand noisy Christmas celebrations–the busy and stressful preparations for them–and instead look for an abandoned, quiet corner, sit there and read a book while slowly enjoying (no hurry, please) a delicious healthy drink, plus maybe a few fruit slices as well.


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