My Secret to Health and Fitness at 54

fit choyHEALTH AND FITNESS BUILDER. At 54, I’m often more athletic and nimble than most students I teach in Filipino Streetfighting Martial Arts. Most men my age move slowly and in a limited manner because old age is getting the better of them. But by God’s grace, I can move rapidly like a 25-year-old. I kick and jab fast. I wield weapons almost at the speed of sound. And it’s all due to certain health secrets I now reveal partly to my readers. I want you all to be healthy as you enjoy more of my life and character tips on Expert Builder.

I mean, what good would your riches or wisdom do if you’re bedridden sick? How would you enjoy your achievements, successes, laurels, titles, or fame if you’re confined to bed sick with ailments and wallowing in maintenance medicines? I’ve met businessmen and church pastors, for instance, who have achieved a lot but are so sickly that their bad health condition negatively affects their character so much. You call that success? So, I suggest you consider my health secrets.

Seek God More

Physical health is closely tied to spiritual health. Believe me! I discovered this secret. Well, most spiritual men do not know how to connect the two and do not get the physical health benefits. Here’s a clue–God said in Scriptures that our bodies are the temple of the Holy spirit. Anyone who destroys his temple, God will destroy him. If you’re spiritually smart, you immediately get a hint from that. You start taking care of your health at once and become serious with it. That’s what I did.

Others will tell themselves something like this: “Well, we will all die anyway and it’s spiritual health that matters, not physical health.” Or, “I believe God heals and he will heal my diseases when I start getting sick.” The key to good health is simple–do not destroy the temple of God, which is your body. Keep it healthy. How? Read on…

Exercise Regularly

About 45 minutes of brisk walking daily should do it, says health experts. Work out a sweat. I jog for 30 minutes and do my Filipino martial arts training for 20 minutes, regularly. At home as I do my online write-ups, I take exercise breaks and do some push-ups or squats now and then. I drink lots of water. I also “play” with my bending bar and chest expander. This lessens my idle moments. But make sure you have enough rest as well. I take short naps in the afternoon and sleep early at night to wake up at 5 the next morning.

Eat Well

I don’t believe in strict or starving diets. I believe in eating well (not gluttony, though) and balanced and I’ve proven it effective. I love vegetables and fruits with some fish and meat. Don’t drink during or right after meals–allow for 30 minutes after eating before you do. And drink a glass of water before meals. Say no to sodas, softdrinks, powdered “fruit” drinks, commercialized energy drinks, or anything sweetened with sugar and high in caffeine. Honey is good.

All-Natural Supplements

I regularly take Vital-C non-acidic (pure alkaline) sodium ascorbate Vitamin C to boost my immune system. I also take MX3 and MX3 Plus (mangostene supplement), and apple cider vinegar which is best for energy and digestive system health. If you can find a good probiotic, grab and take it regularly. Apple cider Vinegar–about 2 spoons in a glass of water–keeps me energized and checks my digestive system health. I also take lemon water now and then (glass of water with squeezed lemon or 2 pieces kalamansi).

Stay Happy and Relaxed

Believe me, there’s nothing to worry about if your life is in Christ Jesus. I, my wife, and kids don’t have much money, but we’re happy together. My wife is happily in the present move of God with me. We have problems some of which are serious, but we have Jesus and are happy, just the same. We have tackled big problems together with Jesus and we triumphed each time. I’ve heard of church ministers who grow lonely and difficult to deal with as they grow old, and I feel sad for them–can’t understand why they should be like that.

And yes, trash all vices. I drink red wine during communion and when I eat too much meat (which very seldom happens). I never smoke or get drunk.

And get medical check-ups often and consult your fitness regimen with your doctor. Find a good medical doctor and work out your health with him or her.

Above all else, I meditate God, His Word, and talk to him all the time. He is the Author of health and fitness and the Creator of my body. There you have the secret–in part.

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