Truth About Paid Online Surveys

EARN MONEY ONLINE BUILDER. Have you tried earning money online through paid online surveys? I have a friend–my Internet marketing mentor actually–who earns big money through paid surveys. And this early, he said he has already earned more than enough for a hefty “Christmas Bonus.” I always wonder how these folks manage to know where the real money-making sites are online and we end up just getting second hand information from them.

Anyway, I’ve also heard from people who got disappointed big-time with paid online surveys, so much so that they cried “scam” in the end. I’ve joined several paid online surveys too, for free, but often got no survey available for me to do–unless I upgraded. So I thought, there’s the catch. You won’t earn anything unless you paid for it first.

Well, later I learned that that was the big truth about paid online surveys–and most money making programs on the Net for that matter: you have to make some kind of a cash out first before you get something that really works. Almost nothing is really for free nowadays. And in doing so, you really take risks. There’s no such thing as “safe” money-making ventures online. Risks are always linked to them and you’ll never know if something is for real unless you try it.

Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Try it.

On the Net, you lose some and win some. Well, several guys I know lost a few and are winning quite a bit from then till now, getting incomes online that go on daily, weekly, and monthly, what they call residual income. I’d always loved to have that, too. But you can start with paid online surveys.

Paid surveys are questionnaires that big companies send out for you to answer. Instead of hiring outsourced marketing companies to do the surveys for them, they go direct to the consumers and pay them, spending a lot less in the process. They need to know what the market thinks and feels before they launch something big. They do this through surveys. Because they would need to ask for your precious time to answer surveys, they pay you. Now, there are survey groups that channel or connect survey offers with people like us. If you discover legit groups like this, you can make big money out of paid online surveys.

How much do you make per survey questionnaire? Not much–probably something like 2 to 3 dollars per. If you do 10 surveys a day, that’s 20 to 30 dollars a day or 600 to 900 dollars a month “extra income.” Not bad. Some companies pay even more. I’ve seen offers from $5 to $75 per survey, and who wouldn’t make a serious go for that, I mean if you’re a daring Internet adventurer like me looking to earn real big money online?

There’s a paid online survey offer I saw recently that really took my attention–and which was recommended by my mentor, Eric. If you dare risk a little bit but which may be the start of your big income-earning thing online, download my FREE report on Click4Surveys below.

Download my Click4Surveys Report


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