Weird Outing: La Traviesa, Dasma Cavite


POSITIVE THINKING BUILDER. It was the day Super Typhoon Ruby was to make a landfall in Samar, and according to the news, it was an unpredictable typhoon. You never know what area it was going to hit next. A weather station said it might suddenly hit Metro Manila and Southern Luzon, and that’s where Dasma, Cavite was, the place where La Traviesa was located, our outing destination that day. Weird outing.

We were treated to a FREE overnight stay at La Traviesa but that day it couldn’t be cancelled no matter how near the typhoon was. We had to go or forfeit the costly booking. So we prayed and went. Along the way, I watched the dark, heavy clouds on the horizon with apprehension and kept praying. People along the road looked worried and in a hurry to go home or get away as far as possible from Cavite and from the 215 kilometers per hour winds–and there we were headed straight for it for an “overnight outing.” I was laughing to myself.


We stopped by SM Dasma and saw the long line of people waiting to withdraw from their ATMs. Looked like panic buying to me, and when my sister was about to withdraw, the ATM said, “offline.” So we looked for other places and fortunately chanced upon Robinson’s where there was no queue of people. My sister was able to withdraw. Then we proceeded to Mercury Drug for some goodies and emergency meds, and then to Chooks-To-Go for a few kilos of grilled liempo. Then, a few minutes more, we finally reached La Traviesa.

It was paradise!

A small wedding seemed just to have ended when we got there, and we excitedly checked our rooms and surveyed the area. Simply fantastic! Everything was lovely. Our rooms were cozy and equipped, the gardens were in bloom, the big pools with fountains looked fresh and empty of people–the whole place was serene and perfect! It seemed no one else was as silly as we were to have an outing in the middle of a big typhoon coming.


We arrived there at 2 pm so we were starving. We ordered lunch–probably the best Sinigang na Baboy (Pork in fruity soup) I’ve ever tasted–with the grilled liempo we bought at Chooks. The rice was perfectly cooked. And after lunch, black forest cakes were brought out. What a lunch it was!

In the afternoon, they all tried the pool (including the driver, James) but I and my wife settled for the cable TV in our room plus lots of food. Later, we had a shower. Because room air-conditioning was too cold, I did a bit of workouts, Filipino Martial Arts mostly. It was refreshing!


In the evening, I had lumpiang Shangahi (spring rolls) and Chop Suey. Others had different orders. My son couldn’t finish off his Lechon Kawali (roasted pork in pan) so I had some of that, too. Then, we washed it all down with red wine to aid good digestion. Normally, I don’t eat too much meat or pork. But once in a while is okay, especially on a cold overnight outing.

Queer though, it never rained even if the skies were heavy with dark ominous clouds. Thank you, God, for everything!

la traviesa

The next morning, we had tapa, fried rice, tomatoes, cucumbers, plus leftover cakes. After shower, we left for Tagaytay Royale for our lunch.

We were back home at about 10 pm, thank God. And the next day, Monday, I heard on the news how the super typhoon got weaker to being negligible, exactly as I prayed for. My wife and sons had a good time at home because work and school were suspended 2 days more. Weird outing indeed–and pleasant altogether. Thank God!

Lesson? Sometimes, you have to take risks–even silly ones–and just trust God for it.


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