Tips for Getting a Website

Screenshot 2014-12-10 11.16.03WEBSITE BUILDER. Want to have your own website? Are free websites any good? Lots of folks prefer paid websites to get a URL. Because that sounds good, professional and trustworthy, they say. Free websites, on the other hand, sound cheap, they add. Well, granted, but Expert Builder would like to share the benefits of a free web or blog site, like one on WordPress. One thing for sure, it isn’t cheap.

A lot of prestigious blogs are on WordPress.Com. Many of the top successful bloggers I know started with WordPress.Com and continue to manage their blogs here though they have lots of monetized paid blogs. You have lots of useful blogging features here, and my favorite is the download feature. You can have your e-books or other files uploaded on an article for your readers to easily download. 

The best thing is, you can play with the advanced design features for a more interesting look, or opt for the paid site option and quickly monetize the whole thing. You can easily download Amazon and Clickbank banners to earn some money while enjoying your blog. 

Another good thing with free websites is the practice. Develop as many free websites and blogs as you can for the skill. Soon, you can easily build your very own paid website. Moreover, you can support your paid website with the free blogs–like satellites around it–and help your SEO.

Are free websites good? They definitely are. I enjoy and manage several of them. Definitely, someday, I’ll build my very own paid sites, though for now, I stick with free ones. If free sites are good (temporarily), paid sites are the best.

What’s the disadvantage of free websites then? For one, most readers can easily see your use a free site—and that might be a turn off. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your potential buyers, do you?  Or, your site host might decide to stop the free service he’s giving you and all your hard efforts would just go to waste. So, I prefer good providers like WordPress that are likely to stay online and provide the service for free.

I also use and My personal diary is at I have some health sites on Blogspot as well. 

How long did it take me to understand web construction lingo? I’m a slow learner, so it took me about 2 to 3 years to learn them. And I’m still learning, a student open to new ideas and further studies. I’m not a guru–I merely share what I’ve learned so far. And I can help you with basic web or blog construction and how to monetize your internet experience. Some folks easily learn the basics simply by following online instructions. But there are folks who need more coaching and someone they can run to for help. I can be that someone.

I can help you start and make money with blogs, because I have been earning good money from it.

Deciding Factors

Beginners are often undecided and ask, “Are free websites good?” Some want to go straight to getting their own and pay the monthly or yearly fees pronto. If you’re not sure about this, go for free websites. If it’s just for a personal hobby or a diary, I suggest the free option. If it’s for a corporate business or a company, then definitely, opt for paid sites or dot coms. If it’s a new small business, start with free and upgrade later. There’s nothing wrong with a free site as long as it’s a dependable and trusted provider you’re dealing with. 

A small business can go well with WordPress forever. You may upgrade if you want to, but I don’t think it necessary for small businesses like a small pet shop or a town grocery store. If earning money is your target, you can do well with either free or paid. Paid ones give you more prestige and professionalism, but you can always create prestige and professionalism through your writing and online presence even with free sites.


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