Expert Builder: Building Lives, Families and Careers Through Character Tips in the WORD [Check Our E-BOOKS!]

More friends are wondering and asking–why the title “Expert Builder”? Some of them thought I was suddenly into the construction business. Well, yes and no–building lives is some kind of a “construction” commitment, and no, I’m not into construction of building structures, although my friend Arch Marvin Mijares is, and I’m marketing his profession.

Since 1980–the year I met Christ and received him as Savior and Lord–my counseling journey began. I was then 20 years old and led this small bible study group in the university campus. I served as their “big brother,” because I was older than everybody else.

You’d be astonished about the kinds of problems students (even those not from our bible study group) brought to me for counseling–relationships, sex, thesis, schooling, parents, siblings, gender, future careers, drugs, fraternities, attempted suicides, etc. That probably was my baptism of fire because since then, people began bringing me their problems. I became some sort of a problem solver to them.

Students also saw me as their writer and editor. They’d ask me to compose their thesis proposals, rationale, synopsis, and have their projects edited also by yours truly. They’d consult me about school projects and have me as informal adviser–for FREE! They’d tell me I was a better adviser than the professors they paid huge sums of money to for advises, to no avail.

I never once imagined myself being like this prior to college–I had been thinking more along the lines of leading a quiet life alone. It went on when I left university to work for different companies in different managerial capacities–even in church where I was a leader and counselor.

That probably was my baptism of fire because since then, people began bringing me their problems. I became some sort of a problem solver to them.

Later, I formed a radical discipleship group–HISgroup–where I follow the discipleship structure and principles that Jesus had. It continues to this day.

I became more than a counselor–an informal coach and a trainer. I honed people’s characters and personalities–plus a little of their writing and speaking skills. But I wasn’t like the typical strict coaches who were difficult to deal with. I remained a kind, diplomatic but frank one giving them alternatives if they wished to and letting them decide for themselves. I dealt more with reason than with strict discipline–very much like Jesus did.

In this sense, I started to become a builder. A unique one and expert at my own leadership style which many found unorthodox and “weak”–though radical, because I easily let my “trainees” quit if they wished to but gave them tough intellectual and spiritual food if they stayed.

Thus, an Expert Builder.

I am also deep into health, supplements, fitness, and diets, later being a certified health and wellness consultant. I also advise people in these areas.

I dealt more with reason than with strict (or unreasonable) discipline–very much like Jesus did.

In a gist, Expert Builder is a holistic ministry not just for spiritual or church matters but especially applying Jesus’ principles in the bible to everyday ordinary life–career, business, human relations, social issues, health and fitness, family, parenting, politics, economics, finances, the environment, government, etc.

Expert Builder focuses on character building, realizing that the main thrust of Jesus’ spreading the good news of his Father’s Kingdom is to transform every nook and cranny of society and every aspect of life through character building, spreading the Jesus DNA, not only in church but especially in careers, business and the corporate life.


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